Sunday, February 24, 2008

Website - Free GRE Practice Tests. 400 Free GRE Test Questions

Test link : Free GRE Practice Tests. 400 Free GRE Test Questions

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Website - FREE Soundkeepers GRE wordlist

Website - Online Analogy Antonym Tests for free :)

Website - Beginners GRE study guide

Beginners GRE study guide


Applying to graduate schools in the U.S.
Lots of work to be done !!!!
(That includes reading the above page)

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GRE Vocabulary - turgid

turgid = distended, tumid, swollen

turgid = excessively embellished, bombastic, pomopous

Website - free vocabulary practice

Another great website free vocabulary practice :)

GRE Analogy - lord : vassal

lord : vassal :: _____ : slave
A: serf
B: fief
C: month
D: master

Answer : D

Practice GRE vocabulary online for free :)

Good site to practice GRE vocabulary

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(A) entreat:urgency

(B) revere:simplicity

(C) plead:sorrow

(D) avenge:ferocity

(E) insult:sarcasm


Answer : (A) entreat:urgency

Explanation : Rail is to talk with extreme vehemence



(A) probe:examine

(B) soar:travel

(C) wheedle:coax

(D) saunter:walk

(E) digress:conclude


Answer : D

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Rahim :)

Rahim :)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - billet bullion

billet = semi finished iron/steel/metal bar or ingot

billet = bullion

bullion = gold or silver in the form of bars / ingots

bullion = billet


billet = brief letter, note to provide boarding /lodging for soldiers; love letter

GRE Vocabulary - attic

attic = garret = place between pitched roof and ceiling of top floor of the house

GRE Vocabulary - ablution

ablution = washing of ones body parts

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This seems like a interesting service, which should be used.

Hopefully this will save me the hassle of going to individual sites to gather latest updates. On top of that it should save me some time ( wont it ??) !!

Website - How To Do Just About Everything

Website - On Truth and Reality: Philosophy Physics Metaphysics of Space, Wave Structure Matter. Famous Science Art Quotes

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Life is either a daring adventure or nothing - Helen Keller

GRE Vocabulary - rhinestone

rhinestone = colorless diamond simulant / imitation stone made of glass/paste/quartz

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - beacon

beacon = source of inspiration, lighthouse, signal fire on top of a hill, pole

GRE Vocabulary - ballroom

ballroom = large room for dancing

GRE Vocabulary - ballerina

ballerina = danseuse, female ballet dancer

ballet = theatrical performance using music and dance with no singing or speech/dialogue

GRE Vocabulary - ballast

ballast = heavy material placed in the gondola of a balloon to improve stability

ballast = device to provide starting voltage and stabilize current in a fluorescent tube

ballast = gravel or broken stone laid in railroad or while making concrete

ballast = heavy substance placed in the hold of a ship to improve stability and control

GRE Vocabulary - auger augur augury

auger = tool for removing material, liquid by means of rotating helix

augur = to foretell by omens
augury = omen, prophecy

GRE Vocabulary - anterior interior

anterior = situated towards the front, preceding

interior = situated towards the inside/backside

GRE Vocabulary - alcove

alcove = nook, niche, recess in a room

Monday, February 18, 2008

Website - Visual arts and social commentary

This link has an unitiated soul like me drooling over the collection.
Imagine the reaction of archivists and historians looking for access to authentic repositories when they see this :)

Website - Community patents review :)

Caveat : WikiPatents,Inc. is not affiliated with Wikipedia or the Wikimedia Foundation

GRE Vocabulary - bonnet

bonnet = hat tied with strings under the chin, worn by babies / women

GRE Vocabulary - fetter manacle

fetter = shackle for the feet, restraint, which restricts motion

Etymology : fetter - feet

manacle = handcuff = shackle for the hand or wrist

Etymology : manacle - manus - manual - hand

GRE Vocabulary - factotum

factotum = handyman = person competent in variety of activities, general servant

Etymology : totum = total, everything

GRE Vocabulary - cogitate vs excogitate

cogitate = think over, ponder, meditate deeply

excogitate = think out, devise

GRE Vocabulary - equitation

equitation = Equestrianism = the art or act of horse riding

GRE Vocabulary - epaulet epaulette

epaulet = epaulette = ornamental cloth pad, shoulder ornament worn on uniforms (military)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - elate

elate = fill with joy and pride

GRE Vocabulary - cumulus

cumulus = heap, mountain; dense, puffy cloud resembling a mountain; cloud with curved boundaries formed on a flat base

GRE Vocabulary - anchorite

anchorite = person who lives in isolation for religious reasons

GRE Vocabulary - cuirass

cuirass = piece of armor protecting the body from neck to waist

GRE Vocabulary - cravat

cravat = band or scarf worn around the neck ; tailored tie with long ends in front

GRE Vocabulary - conflate

conflate = bring together, fuse, combine (confuse between different object, entities)

GRE Vocabulary - chevron

chevron = figure or pattern in shape of one or more V's or inverted V's

chevron = when worn on the shoulder of uniform indicates the rank and service of the wearer

GRE Vocabulary - moat

moat = deep wide trench around a structure filled with water to provide a first line of defence

Saturday, February 16, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - latitude

latitude = angular distance from speficied plane of reference or circle

latitude = width, scope, range

GRE Vocabulary - lasso lariat

lasso = lariat = long light rope (or leather) with a noose at one end to catch livestock (cattle or horses)

Etymology : lariat - ariat - related to adapt

Website - Juggling :)
In old days I was always fascinated by jugglers performing their antics .
Wish I had accessed this site then.
Wish I have time to access this site now.

If wishes where horses .......... ;)

Website - Stuff for smart masses

GRE Vocabulary - lapidary

lapidary(n) = person involved in cutting, polishing and engraving precious stones

lapidary(adj) = having the elegance and precision involved in inscriptions on monumental stones

Etymology : lapus = stone

GRE Vocabulary - indemnity

indemnity = security against hurt, loss or damage; obligation to make repayment for losses

GRE Vocabulary - incommunicado

incommunicado = without means of communication

GRE Vocabulary - hilt

hilt = handle or grip of a sword

GRE Vocabulary - hie

hie = hasten, go quickly

GRE Vocabulary - helm

helm = position of control

helm = steering mechanism of a vessel

GRE Vocabulary - spork

spork = eating utensil with spoonlike bowl and tines

Friday, February 15, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - portmanteau

portmanteau = large travelling bag with multiple compartments (archaic)

portmanteau = word (morpheme) whose form and meaning are derived by fusing two or more distinct forms

GRE Vocabulary - hanger vs hangar

hanger = a device to which something is hung

hangar = covered and enclosed shelter for housing and repairing aircraft

GRE Vocabulary - grandstand paviion

grandstand = permanent , multi tiered structure for seating spectators covering part of the stadium covered with a roof but open in the front (Mostly found at a racetrack)

bleachers = smaller stands, single-tiered

pavilion = covered bleacher

grandstanding(v) = overacting

GRE Vocabulary - canvas canvass

canvas = strong, coarse cloth used for preparing tents

canvas = background cloth used by artist to paint on

canvass = go around soliciting political support / votes

GRE Vocabulary - easel

easel = wooden frame for supporting artists canvas, photograph, blackboard etc

GRE Vocabulary - discreet vs descrete

discreet = unpretentious, modest, showing discernment or good judgement, showing discretion

descrete = individual, distinct, noncontinuous

Website - Funny name, serious technology

Website - America's Goofiest Patents!

GRE Vocabulary - adobe

adobe = unburnt brick or building material made by sun drawing clay and straw, structure made of adobe bricks, clay in desert region used to make adobe bricks

adobe structures are excellent insulators and so they remain cool on the inside. Ancient adobe houses are still extant in deserts

GRE Vocabulary - satchel

satchel = bag or case with shoulder strap for carrying books or other stuff

Website - Yesterdays tomorrow, today :)

GRE Vocabulary - amethyst

amethyst = purple variety of quartz

GRE Vocabulary - doldrums

doldrums = parts of the oceans around the equator where the winds are very calm

Website - The New Media Studio

A not for profit organization which uses multimedia to explore human environment

A good use for enormously powerful tool at mans disposal. Hope to see more such initiatives taking shape. Perhaps one day, I would be a (contributing) member of such a organization

Woe, this needs loads of time

Time to get back to work now :`)

GRE Vocabulary - drawbridge

drawbridge = bridge that can be drawn up to stop people from crossing

Thursday, February 14, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - cuticle

cuticle = protective covering forming a exoskeleton in animals / insects or waxy coating in plants

eponychium - human cuticle

cuticle = skin at base of finger nail or toe nail

GRE Vocabulary - astrolabe planisphere

astrolabe = ancient astronomical instrument to calculate time and position of sun and stars

planisphere = modern analog star chart, polar projection of celestial sphere and stars onto a plane, for displaying celestial phenomenon and stars on any date and time

planishpere is a successor to ancient astrolabe