Monday, June 30, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - atomize

atomize - break up into tiny particles, fine spray or vapor

GRE Vocabulary - prurient

prurient - marked by immoderate or unwholesome sexual desire

GRE Vocabulary - orotund

orotund - pompous and bombastic, full of sound, sonorous

GRE Vocabulary - fealty

fealty - pledge or oath of fidelity, loyalty, allegiance

GRE Vocabulary - prestidigitation

prestidigitation - sleight of hand, legerdemain

GRE Vocabulary - periphrasis

periphrasis - use of longer phrases instead of shorter expressions, excessive verbiage

GRE Vocabulary - renascent

renascent - rising again into being, being born again, showing renewed vigor

GRE Vocabulary - shambolic

shambolic - disorderly, chaotic, confused

GRE Vocabulary - forlorn

forlorn - deserted, neglected, bereft, forsaken, miserable, wretched, hopeless,

GRE Vocabulary - purport

purport - claim as intention or purpose, false appearance of being, profess

GRE Vocabulary - impudent

impudent - insolent, impertinent, offensively bold

GRE Vocabulary - indenture

indenture - legal contract binding one party to another (as an apprentice)

indenture - official inventory, list or voucher

indenture - document in duplicate with indented edges

indenture - document stating terms under which a security is issued

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - variegated

variegated - having streaks, marks or patches of different colors, multicolored,

variegated - diversified, characterized by variety

GRE Vocabulary - unkempt

unkempt - disheveld, not combed, rough, disorderly, untidy

unkempt - unpolished, rude

GRE Vocabulary - invective

invective - insult, abuse, vituperation

vituperation - sustained abusive bitter railing and condemnation, abusive censure

GRE Vocabulary - callow

callow - youthful, immature, inexperienced, lacking adult sophistication

GRE Vocabulary - rant

rant - speak or write in angry, violent, vehement manner

rant - bombastic extravagant language or manner

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - parable

parable - example, short fictitious story with a moral

GRE Vocabulary - girth

girth - size, dimensions, circumference, bulk
girth - band or strap that encircles the body of an animal to fasten something (eg saddle) on its back

GRE Vocabulary - drone

drone - stingless, non honey producing male bee whose only function is to mate

drone - parasite, one who lives on the labors of others

drone - drudge, person who does tedious or menial workdrone - remote controlled unmanned aircraft or ship

drone - dull, monotonous, sustained humming or murmuring

GRE Vocabulary - precipice

precipice - very steep overhanging mass of rock, cliff,

precipice - dangerous, hazardous condition, brink

GRE Vocabulary - cloister

cloister - monastery, convent,

cloister - quite, secluded place
cloister - covered passageway with walls that form a quadrangle on one side and open air arcade or colonnade on other side

GRE Vocabulary - feint

feint - deceptive/pretended action or attack designed to divert attention from intended objective or target

GRE Sentence Completion

Because they had various meanings in nineteenth-century biological thought,"mechanism"and "vitalism"ought not to be considered___terms ;thus,I find the recent insistence that the terms had single definitions to be entirely___.
(A) univocal..erroneous
(B) problematic..anachronistic
(C) intractable..obtuse
(D) congruent..suspect
(E) multifaceted..vapid


Ans : (A) univocal..erroneous

GRE Vocabulary - expediency

expediency - suitability, fitness, appropriateness

GRE Sentence Completion

The sale of Alaska was not so much an American coup as a matter of____for an imperial Russia that was short of cash and unable to____its own continental coastline.
(A) negligence..fortify
(B) custom..maintain
(C) convenience..stabilize
(D) expediency..defend
(E) exigency..reinforce


Ans : (D) expediency..defend

GRE Vocabulary - univocal

univocal - unambiguous, having only one meaning

GRE Sentence Completion

Salazar's presence in the group was so___the others that they lost most of their earlier___;failure,for them,became all but unthinkable.
(A) reassuring to..trepidation
(B) unnoticed by..curiosity
(C) unusual to..harmony
(D) endearing to..confidence
(E) unexpected by..exhilaration


Ans : (A) reassuring to..trepidation

GRE Sentence Completion

If duty is the natural___of one's___the course of future events;then people who are powerful have duty placed on them whether they like it or not.
(A) correlate..understanding of
(B) outgrowth..control over
(C) determinant..involvement in
(D) mitigant..preoccupation with
(E) arbiter..responsibility for


Ans : (B) outgrowth..control over

GRE Sentence Completion

Among the many ___of the project,expense cannot be numbered; the goals of the project's promoters can be achieved with impressive___.
(A) highlights..efficiency
(B) features..savings
(C) disadvantages..innovation
(D) claims..speed
(E) defects..economy


Ans : (E) defects..economy

Explanation - numbered = enumerated, included

GRE Sentence Completion

Without seeming unworldly, William James appeared wholly removed from the----of society, the conventionality of academe.
(A) ethos
(B) idealism
(C) romance
(D) paradoxes
(E) commonplaces

Ans : (E) commonplaces

Monday, June 23, 2008

GRE Sentence Completion

In spite of the----nature of Scotland's terrain, its main roads are surprisingly free from severe----.

(A) rocky.. weather
(B) mountainous.. grades
(C) uncharted.. flooding
(D) unpredictable.. damage
(E) landlocked.. slipperiness

Ans : (B) mountainous.. grades

GRE Vocabulary - grade

grade - class, division, position, stage of development

grade - slope, degree of inclination

grade - to level off to a smooth horizontal or sloping surface

GRE Vocabulary - totalitarianism

totalitarianism - centralized power by absolute and autocratic authority

GRE Sentence completion

Whereas the art critic Vasari saw the painting entitled the Mona Lisa as an original and wonderful----feat, the reproduction of a natural object, the aesthetes saw it as----that required deciphering.

(A) collaborative.. an aberration
(B) historical.. a symbol
(C) technical.. a hieroglyph
(D) mechanical.. an imitation
(E) visual.. an illusion

Ans : (C) technical.. a hieroglyph

GRE Sentence Completion

Ecology, like economics, concerns itself with the movement of valuable----through a complex network of producers and consumers.

(A) commodities
(B) dividends
(C) communications
(D) nutrients
(E) artifacts

Ans : (A) commodities

Ecology - relationship between organism and its environment

GRE Vocabulary - rectitude

rectitude - moral integrity, righteousness,

GRE Vocabulary - lurid

lurid - sensational, gruesome, ghastly, shocking

lurid - wan and ghastly pale in appearance

GRE Vocabulary - foliage leafage

foliage - leafage - leaves of a plant

GRE Vocabulary - tarry sojourn

tarry - delay or be tardy, linger in expectation, wait,

tarry - sojourn - a temporary stay

GRE Vocabulary - preponderance

preponderance - superiority in weight, power, influence, strength, majority

GRE Vocabulary - skulk slink

skulk - hide or conceal with malicious or sinister intent, move furtively or stealthily

skulk - group of vermins like foxes or thieves

skulk - to avoid work, shirk responsibility

slink - sneak, move stealthily or futively, steal

slink - give birth to prematurely, young one born prematurely

GRE Vocabulary - pallor

pallor - extreme paleness, defeciency of color of the face,

Sunday, June 22, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - libertarian

libertarian - one who promotes maximum individual rights and minimum intervention by state

GRE Vocabulary - willful

willful - intentional, deliberate

willful - obstinately and perversely self willed, unruly

GRE Vocabulary - morsel

morsel - food bite, tidbit, small amount, fragment

morsel - negligible person

morsel - something delectable, pleasing, tasty

morsel - to divide into small parts

GRE Vocabulary - portly

portly - dignified, stately,

portly - comfortably stout, rotund

GRE Vocabulary - sentinel

sentinel - sentry, guard, watch

GRE Vocabulary - raconteur

raconteur - expert in telling stories and anecdotes with skill and wit

GRE Vocabulary - lecher

lecher - immoral, licentious, lascivious man

GRE Vocabulary - declaim

declaim - harangue, speak rhetorically, bombastically or vehemently

GRE Vocabulary - usurp

usurp - sieze and hold with force without right, supplant

GRE Vocabulary - canard

canard - hoax, rumor, liecanard - horizontal control and stabilizing airfoil surfaces in front of aircraft wings

GRE Vocabulary - preferment

preferment - advancement, promotion,

preferment - act of bringing forward

GRE Vocabulary - indict

indict - accuse of wrongdoing, charge with a crime, criticize

GRE Vocabulary - fancied

fancied - imagined, visualized,

GRE Vocabulary - balky

balky - refusing to proceed or function as directed or expected, contrary

balky - stopping or refusing to start and go on

GRE Vocabulary - unfrock defrock

unfrock - to deprive of a right to a profession, remove from position of honor or privilege

GRE Vocabulary - tenacious

tenacious - persistent, strong, cohesive, clinging, holding fast

tenacious - retentive, with a strong memory,

GRE Vocabulary - reprobate

reprobate - condemn strongly, reject, criticize,

reprobate - morally unprincipled, shameless,

reprobate - preordained to eternal damnation (by God) and without hope for salvation

GRE Vocabulary - philanderer

philanderer - man who was casual and illicit relations with women

GRE Vocabulary - interloper

interloper - illegal or unlicensed trader

interloper - intruder, trespasser, meddler

GRE Vocabulary - scald

scald - scorch,burn with a hold liquid or steam

scald - to bring to temperature just below boiling point

scald - to pour boiling water over food to loosen hair or remove skin

GRE Vocabulary - blanch

blanch - to take the color out of, to pale, whiten,

blanch - to scald or parboil in water/steam to remove the skin from, whiten or stop enzymatic action in food before freezing

blanch x tinge

GRE Vocabulary - contumely

contumely - haughtiness, comtempt, rudeness, insolence, arrogance,

Saturday, June 21, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - solstice

solstice - highest point or culmination

solstice - either of points on the ecliptic at which distance from the celestial equator is greatest, when the tilt of earths axis is oriented most towards or away from the sun

solstice - period in which sun stands still in declination, apparent movement north or south comes to a standstill

GRE Vocabulary - sciolism

sciolism - superficial show of learning, pretentious attitude of scholarship or learning

GRE Vocabulary - phonogram

phonogram - succession of letters with the same phonetic value in different words

phonogram - symbol or characters used to represent a word or syllable

GRE Vocabulary - waif

waif - unclaimed property found by chance,

waif - goods washed onto the shore, stolen goods thrown away by thief during a fight

waif - stray person or animal, a homeless child

GRE Vocabulary - trammel

trammel - mechanism used to draw an ellipse

trammel - impediment, hindrance, to enmesh, confine, hamper

trammel - three layered net for catching birds or fish

trammel - a shackle used to teach a horse to amble

GRE Vocabulary - sensorium

sensorium - part of brain concerned with reception and interpretation of sensory stimuli

sensorium - entire sensory apparatus

GRE Vocabulary - peevish

peevish - querulous, ill tempered, fretful, obstinate, fractious

GRE Vocabulary - barb

barb - biting, critical or caustic remark
barb - sharp projection or hook pointing backward

barb - hair or bristle ending in a hook

barb - any of the side branches of the shaft of a feather

barb - linen covering for womens head, throat and chin

GRE Vocabulary - afoot astir

afoot - in process, astir, underway

afoot - on foot, walking

astir - exhibiting activity, being in motion, having got out of bed

GRE Vocabulary - tidings

tidings - news, information

GRE Vocabulary - wile

wile - beguiling trick, deceiving stratagem, enticing or outwitting trickery, cunning

GRE Vocbulary - oculist

oculist - ophthalmologist, optometrist

GRE Vocabulary - sleeper

sleeper - unpromising person or thing that suddenly gains prominence or value

sleeper - children's pajamas that cover the feet

Friday, June 20, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - portal

portal - door, entrance, grand approach

portal - communicating part of an organism through which something enters

GRE Vocabulary - incrustation

incrustation - crust or hard coating, growth, inlay

incrustation - growth or accumulation of habits, opinions or customs; overlay, inlay

GRE Vocabulary - coffer

coffer - chest, strongbox

coffer - treasury, funds
coffer - decorative sunken panel in a vault, ceiling or soffit

soffit - underside of a structural component/part of member of building

GRE Vocabulary - parasol

parasol - lightweight umbrella used for shade

GRE Vocabulary - gleam

gleam - flash, small bright light

gleam - trace, faint or brief appearance

GRE Vocabulary - orison

orison - prayer

GRE Vocabulary - futon

futon - cotton filled mattress used on a floor or in a frame as a bed, couch, or chair

GRE Vocabulary - bagasse

bagasse - dry biomass residue left after product (juice) has been extracted

GRE Vocabulary - bailey

bailey - outer wall or fortifications, courtyard within the outer walls of a castle

Thursday, June 19, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - casement

casement - window sash that opens fully on one side on hinges

GRE Vocabulary - damsel

damsel - young unmarried woman or girl

GRE Vocabulary - freshet

freshet - sudden overflow from heavy rains or thaw (melting snow), influx

GRE Vocabulary - ponderous

ponderous - unwieldy, clumsy, heavy in weight and size

ponderous - lacking grace, unpleasantly labored and oppressively dull, lifeless

GRE Vocabulary - pubescence villous

pubescence - state of being pubescent, having attained puberty

pubescent - covered with fine, soft, short hairs

villous - covered with soft, long hairs

GRE Vocabulary - hoary

hoary - extremely old, ancient, grey or white with age

GRE Vocabulary - pulsatile

pulsatile - undergoing pulsation, vibrating

GRE Vocabulary - scission

scission - division, cutting, fission, split, schism

GRE Vocabulary - forestall

forestall - get ahead of, hinder, prevent or exclude by prior measures

forestall - prevent normal trading by buying and diverting goods or persuading others to raise prices

GRE Sentence Completion

Within the next decade, sophisticated telescopes now orbiting the Earth will determine whether the continents really are moving, ___the incipient___ among geologists about the validity of the theory of continental drift.

(A) obviating.. consensus
(B) forestalling.. rift
(C) escalating.. debates
(D) engendering.. speculation
(E) resolving.. rumors

Ans : (B) forestalling.. rift

GRE Vocabulary - chantey shanty

chantey - shanty - song sung by the sailors in rhythm to their movements during work

shanty - small crude building of wood for temporary use, hut

GRE Vocabulary - chorale

chorale - harmonized hymn melody sung by the entire congregation in a church

chorale - chorus, choir

GRE Vocabulary - tramp

tramp - trudge, tread with firm heavy steps

tramp - travel on foot, hike

tramp - vagrant, aimless wanderer, having no fixed abode, connection or destination

tramp - promiscuous person, prostitute

GRE Vocabulary - hobo

hobo - migrant worker, homeless penniless vagabond

GRE Vocabualry - tier

tier - class, category, one of series of rows or levels

GRE Vocabulary - infix

infix - instill, impress firmly by thrusting in

infix - placement of binary operator between the operands

GRE Vocabulary - fruition

fruition - realization, accomplishment, enjoyment of a possession

GRE Vocabulary - bedlam

bedlam - place or scene of uproar and confusion

GRE Vocabulary - repose

repose - rest, relaxation, freedom from worry, quiescence, tranquility,

repose - place or deposit (as in confidence), to place for control, management or use

GRE Vocabulary - perdition

perdition - eternal damnation, loss of the soul, utter destruction and ruin

GRE Vocabulary - stasis

stasis - balance, equilibrium, stoppage of flow, stagnation

GRE Vocabulary - modicum

modicum - small portion, token amount, limited quantity

GRE Vocabulary - cleft cleave

cleft - division, split, fissure

cleave - divide, split, tear, penetrate, pass through

cleave - adhere firmly, closely and loyally, stick

GRE Vocabulary - cosmetology

cosmetology - cosmetic treatment of skin, hair and nails, study of art of cosmetics and its use

GRE Vocabulary - acappella

acappella - without instrumental accompaniment

GRE Vocabulary - billingsgate

billingsgate - coarse, foul, abusive language

GRE Vocabulary - dunce

dunce - stupid, dolt, slow-witted person

GRE Vocabulary - gilded

gilded - covered with gilt (a thin layer of gold)

gilded - supplied with money, supplied with attractive but deceptive appearance

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - fledgling

fledgling - inexperienced or immature person,

fledgling - new young bird just fledged - just acquired flight feathers

GRE Vocabulary - archipelago

archipelago - group of islands, water body with scattered islands

GRE Vocabulary - ungainly

ungainly - awkward, clumsy

GRE Vocabulary - parry

parry - deflect, ward off, evade

GRE Vocabulary - droit

droit - legal right

GRE Vocabulary - galling

galling - irritating, vexing, chafing, wearing away by friction

GRE Vocabulary - adjunct

adjunct - dependent, subordinate, auxiliary attachment, appendage, not a part of

GRE Vocabulary - repertoire

repertoire - range, genre, collection of works or performances, list of capabilities

GRE Vocabulary - ribald

ribald - vulgar, crude, lewd, offensive, coarse, indecent

GRE Vocabulary - threadbare

threadbare - shabby, barely adequate,

threadbare - exhausted of interest or freshness

threadbare - overused, hackneyed, trite,

GRE Vocabulary - portent

portent - omen, sign, prophetic indication

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - palter

palter - lie, talk or act misleadingly or insincerely, equivocate, be capricious

palter - haggle, chaffer, quibble in bargaining for prices

GRE Vocabulary - spiteful

spiteful - filled with or showing spite, malicious, hurtful, nasty

spite - ill will, hatred

GRE Vocabulary - agiotage stockjobbing

agiotage - stockjobbing, speculative buying and selling of stocks

GRE Vocabulary - preclude

preclude - make impossible, prevent, rule out in advance,

GRE Vocabulary - claptrap

claptrap - cheap, showy, insincere, pretentious nonsense,

GRE Vocabulary - affray

affray - fray, noisy quarrel, public brawl

GRE Vocabulary - pleasantry

pleasantry - polite social remark, banter - playful conversation, jest - humorous act or remark

GRE Vocabulary - efface expunge

efface - to wear out, make indistinct,

efface - to make oneself modestly or shyly inconspicuous

self-effacing - modest

expunge - to remove from consciousness completely

expunge - strike out, obliterate, mark for deletion, efface

GRE Vocabulary - expound

expound - state, defend with argument

expound - elucidate; explain with careful and elaborate detail

GRE Vocabulary - wishy-washy

wishy-washy = think and watery, insipid

wishy-washy = ineffective; lacking in strength, character, determination or purpose

GRE Vocabulary - asperse traduce

asperse - to sprinkle with holy water

asperse - traduce - to malign, spread false or damaging charges against

GRE Vocabulary - hardihood

hardihood - vigor, robustness, courage, self assured audacity, temerity, boldness, fortitude

GRE Vocabulary - dawdle

dawdle - spend time lackadaisically, fruitlessly, aimlessly, idly

Monday, June 16, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - squelch

squelch - quell, silence, crush, suppress

squelch - splash through water or mire, suction of semi liquid matter under suction

GRE Vocabulary - holograph

holograph - handwritten document signed by the author

GRE Vocabulary - minuscule

minuscule - very small, miniscule

GRE Vocabulary - breviary

breviary - liturgical book of daily prayers for the canonical hours

breviary - a brief summary

GRE Vocabulary - malfeasance

malfeasance - wrongdoing, or misconduct, illegal act especially by public official

Sunday, June 15, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - insidious

insidious - treacherous, subtle, sneaky, seductive

GRE Vocabulary - disinter

disinter - bring back into awareness or prominence, bring back into light something that had been hidden, unearth,

disinter - to take out of grave or tomb, exhume

GRE Vocabulary - bicameral

bicameral - two chambered

GRE Vocabulary - slattern

slattern - untidy, vulgar, slovenly, promiscuous woman; slut; prostitute

GRE Vocabulary - bedraggle draggle

bedraggle - to wet thoroughly, make wet and limp

draggle - to make wet and dirty by dragging on the ground

GRE Vocabulary - bandanna

bandanna - large, colorfully patterned handkerchief

GRE Vocabulary - diminutive

diminutive - extremely small, lovable, pitiable

diminutive - suffix indicating smallness

GRE Vocabulary - desiccate

desiccate - dry up, remove moisture

desiccate - to make dull, to drain of emotional or intellectual vitality

desiccate - to preserve food by dehydrating

GRE Vocabulary - andirons

andirons - pair of metal supports for firewood in a hearth

GRE Vocabulary - afflatus

afflatus - divine imparting, guidance and motivation of knowledge or power, inspiration

GRE Vocabulary - demise

demise - transfer of an estate by will or by lease, transfer of sovereignty or authority, death,

GRE Vocabulary - curmudgeon

curmudgeon - cantankerous, difficult or irritating to deal with,

curmudgeon - stubborn, ill tempered person full of resentment

GRE Vocabulary - afferent efferent

afferent - conducting inward, directed towards the central region

efferent - conducting outward, directed away from from the central region

afferent x efferent

GRE Vocabulary - disabuse

disabuse - correct a wrong impression, free from misconception

GRE Vocabulary - craven

craven - contemptibly coward

GRE Vocabulary - usufruct

usufruct - legal temporary right of using and enjoying the profit of something belonging to another

GRE Vocabulary - corona

corona - ring of light surrounding a bright object

corona - upper or outermost portion of a bodily part

corona - projecting top part of a cornice

corona - crown or tiara

GRE Vocabulary - savanna

savanna - treeless plain, grassland with scattered trees

GRE Vocabulary - pennate

pennate - feathered, winged, shaped like a wing

GRE Vocabulary - tarn

tarn - small steep banked mountain lake especially formed by glaciers

GRE Vocabulary - reticulate

reticulate - marked with lines resembling a network

GRE Vocabulary - auscultation

auscultation - listening to sounds made by internal organs of the body like lungs or heard usually using a stethoscope as a aid for diagnosis and treatment

GRE Vocabulary - empyreal empyrean

empyreal - related to empyrean, celestial, heavenly, elevated, sublime

empyrean - heaven, paradise, firmament, sky, ideal place or state

GRE Vocabulary - desideratum

desideratum - necessary, highly desirable, essential

GRE Vocabulary - ewer

ewer - vase shaped decorative water pitcher or jug

GRE Vocabulary - hoyden

hoyden - high spirited, boisterous, saucy, carefree girl

GRE Vocabulary - cormorant

cormorant - gluttonous, greedy, rapacious person

GRE Vocabulary - athwart

athwart - across, especially in an oblique direction

athwart - in opposition to

GRE Vocabulary - adipose

adipose - fatty, related to animal fat

GRE Vocabualry - sedan

sedan - portable chair borne on poles by two people

GRE Vocabulary - awl

awl - pointed tool for marking surfaces, stitching or piercing small holes

GRE Vocabulary - inamorata

inamorata - women with whom one is in love and or has intimate relations with

GRE Vocabulary - toupee

toupee - toupe - partial wig to cover a bald spot

toupee - curl or lock of hair made into a topknot

GRE Vocabulary - inquest

inquest - inquiry into the cause of an unexpected death

inquest - official examination or inquiry before a jury

GRE Vocabulary - lancet

lancet - sharp pointed 2 edged surgical instrument used to make small incisions

lancet (window) - tall narrow window with sharp pointed arc at the top

GRE Vocabulary - telescope

telescope(v) - to slide or pass one within another, become compressed or condensed

Saturday, June 14, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - shiftless

shiftless - lacking in resourcefulness, ambition or initiative, inefficient, incompetent, lazy

GRE Vocabulary - avulsion

avulsion - sudden separation by cutting, surgical removal, forcible separation

GRE Vocabulary - choler

choler - anger, irascibility, irritability

GRE Vocabulary - innominate

innominate - unnamed, anonymous

GRE Vocabulary - abolitionism

abolitionism - principles and measures fostering abolition, especially of slavery

GRE Vocabulary - cumulate

cumulate - to gather into a pile, merge

GRE Vocabulary - versant

versant - conversant, familiar with

GRE Vocabulary - confabulate

confabulate - talk informally, chat, fill in gaps in memory by fabrication one believes to be facts

confabulation - false memory, confusing imagination with memory

GRE Vocabulary - constringe

constringe - cause to contract, constrict

GRE Vocabulary - piddling

piddling - trivial, trifling, paltry

GRE Vocabulary - colonnade

colonnade - series of columns at regular intervals usually supporting the base of a roof structure

Friday, June 13, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - cyclopean

cyclopean - megalith, huge, massive

cyclopean - primitive style of masonry using large irregular blocks without mortar

GRE Vocabulary - phonate

phonate - to utter speech sounds, vocalize, speak

GRE Vocabulary - exemplar

exemplar - one that serves as model or example

GRE Vocabulary - nocent

nocent - causing injury, noxious, harmful

GRE Vocabulary - hauteur

hauteur - haughtiness, arrogance

Thursday, June 12, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - jape

jape - to joke, mock, quip

GRE Vocabulary - illation

illation(v) - act of drawing conclusion

illation(n) - conclusion / inference drawn

GRE Vocabulary - sequela

sequela - after effect of a disease, secondary result

GRE Vocabulary - zetetic

zetetic - proceeding by questioning or inquiry, skeptic

GRE Vocabulary - decant decanter

decant - to draw out, unload, pour, transfer a liquid from one vessel to another without disturbing the sediment

decanter - decorative glass bottle with a stopper, used for decanting, especially for serving wine

GRE Vocabulary - footloose

footloose - having no attachment or ties, free to move about and do as one pleases

GRE Vocabulary - dinsome

dinsome - loud, noisy, full of din

GRE Vocabulary - gripe

gripe - clinching spasmodic pain

gripe - complaint,

GRE Vocabulary - indurate

indurate - callous, obdurate, hardened

indurate - to establish, confirm, fix

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - ersatz

ersatz - shoddy/inferior substitute or imitation

GRE Vocabulary - tonsorial

tonsorial - relating to barber or the work of a barber (tonsuring - shaving the head off)

GRE Vocabulary - ranger

ranger - officer in charge or patrolling, guarding and enforcing law in a area of forest

ranger - wanderer, rover

GRE Vocabulary - waylay

waylay - lie and weight for and attack in ambush

GRE Vocabulary - nub

nub - protuberance or knob, small lump

nub - essence or core

GRE Vocabulary - perpend excogitate

perpend - to ponder, to reflect

ex cogitate - to think deeply, think out, devise

GRE Vocabulary - upraise

upraise - lift up, elevate

GRE Vocabulary - belfry

belfry - bell try, mounted to another structure

GRE Vocabulary - penology

penology - branch of criminology dealing with prison management and treatment and rehabilitation of offenders

GRE Vocabulary - arbor pergola

arbor - pergola, shaded garden area with trees or vines

arbor - spindle, axle or shaft on which cutting tool is mounted

GRE Vocabulary - antilogy

antilogy - inconsistency or contradiction among ideas or terms in a passage

GRE Vocabulary - mooncalf

mooncalf - simpleton, foolish or absentminded person

GRE Vocabulary - sodden

sodden - heavy with moisture or water

sodden - torpid, sluggish, dull

sodden - dulled or numbed due to excessive drinking of alcohol

GRE Vocabulary - temerarious

temerarious - marked by temerity, rash, recklessly bold

GRE Vocabulary - seconder

seconder - supporter, assistant, sponsor, endorser, one who seconds

GRE Vocabulary - antic

antic - attention drawing ludicrous, whimsical or grotesque act, caper

GRE Vocabulary - prorogue

prorogue - terminate a session (of parliament) by (royal/presidential) prerogative, defer, postpone

GRE Vocabulary - frowzy

frowzy - unkempt, slovenly, musty, stale

GRE Vocabulary - fustian

fustian - high flown or affected, pretentious speech or writing

fustian - strong, coarse cotton cloth

GRE Vocabulary - milquetoast

milquetoast - meek, timid, unassertive person

GRE Vocabulary - bumptious

bumptious - presumptuously, offensively, noisily self assertive

GRE Vocabulary - annunciation

annunciation - proclamation, announcement, public statement

GRE Vocabulary - annalist

annalist - chronicler, historian

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - ague

ague - fever characterized by shivers/chills

GRE Vocabulary - asocial

asocial - not social, antisocial, unable or unwilling to interact socially

GRE Vocabulary - veridical

veridical - truthful, veracious, genuine

GRE Vocabulary - pother

pother - confused commotion, turmoil,

pother - choking cloud of dust or smoke

GRE Vocabulary - comprador

comprador - intermediary, mediator, go-between

comprador - native agent hired to supervise native employees and act as intermediary in business affairs

GRE Vocabulary - cozenage

cozenage - act of cozening, cheating, deceiving, convincing

GRE Vocabulary - depurate lustrate

depurate - cleanse, purify

lustrate - to purify ceremoniously, by means of a ritual

GRE Vocabulary - enucleate

enucleate - to remove the nucleus of (without cutting)

enucleate - remove the eye, retaining the eye muscles and orbital contents

enucleate - to explain

GRE Vocabulary - hebdomadal

hebdomadal - weekly

GRE Vocabulary - interstice

interstice - gap or break in continuous thing

interstice - short time span or gap between events

GRE Vocabulary - siccate exsiccate

siccate - to dry

exsiccate - to remove moisture from, to dry

GRE Vocabulary - optative

optative - expressing a wish, choice or desire

GRE Vocabulary - paranoia

paranoia - delusion of persecution or grandeur

paranoia - excessive, irrational suspicion and distrust of others

GRE Vocabulary - empiric

empiric - unqualified or dishonest practitioner, charlatan

empiric - one who relies on practical experience

GRE Vocabulary - parlous

parlous - full of danger or risk, hazardous

GRE Vocabulary - salubrious

salubrious - healthful, promoting health or well being

GRE Vocabulary - ricochet

ricochet - rebounding form a surface at an angle

GRE Vocabulary - redolent

redolent - suggestive, fragrant, aromatic

GRE Vocabulary - proletariat

proletariat - member of the industrial working class, lowest social or economic class

GRE Vocabulary - portentous

portentous - portending, prodigious, pompous

GRE Vocabulary - unprepossessing

unprepossessing - unfavorable, unattractive

GRE Vocabulary - peremptory

peremptory - putting an end to, final, categorical, haughty, imperious, dictatorial

GRE Vocabulary - patrician

patrician - person of high breed or cultivation, aristocrat

GRE Vocabulary - matriculate

matriculate - to enroll as a member of body especially at college or university

GRE Vocabulary - chalice

chalice - goblet, consecrated cup

GRE Vocabulary - libel slander

libel - written defamation

slander - spoken defamation

GRE Vocabulary - injunction

injunction - order, enjoin, command

GRE Vocabulary - doodle

doodle - aimless scribble, unfocused drawing, dawdle, time killer

GRE Vocabulary - concision

concision - quality of being concise, cutting off or curtailing part of

GRE Vocabulary - clement

clement - lenient, mild,

inclement - harsh, unmerciful, stormy

clement x inclement

GRE Vocabulary - blight

blight - extremely adverse condition, disease, anything that injures or destroys

GRE Vocabulary - bequest

bequest - gift handed down by will, transmission

GRE Vocabulary - blaspheme

blashpeme - to speak swear words against, say irreverent things, abuse, revile

GRE Vocabulary - bemuse

bemuse - to confuse, bewilder, distract, absorb

GRE Vocabulary - amour

amour - illegal love affair, romance

GRE Vocabulary - amatory

amatory - relating to or expressing sexual love, designed to promote sexual love or desire

GRE Vocabulary - beleaguer

beleaguer - besiege, surround, harass, trouble

GRE Vocabulary - alluvion

alluvion - flood, inundation,

alluvion - accession of land due to alluvium deposited gradually on the shore

GRE Vocabulary - belabor

belabor - explain excessively and repeatedly, attack verbally

GRE Vocabulary - arduous

arduous - difficult, steep, hard

GRE Vocabulary - appropriate expropriate

appropriate - annex, take exclusive possession of without authority or permission, set aside for particular use

appropriate - fit

expropriate - deprive of rightful possession using official authority

GRE Vocabulary - apocalypse

apocalypse - prophetic revelation, especially concerning the end of the world or great disaster

GRE Vocabulary - amnesty

amnesty - pardon given to a group of people especially for political offenses

GRE Vocabulary - aesthete

aesthete - one with extremely great sensitivity to beauty especially in art

GRE Vocabulary - amoral

amoral - without moral feelings, lacking a sense of right or wrong, neither moral nor immoral

GRE Vocabulary - prom

prom - formal dance in high school or college

GRE Vocabulary - scrimping niggardly

scrimping - frugal or stingy

scrimp - to make too small, short or scanty

niggardly - stingy, providing meanly in limited supply

Monday, June 9, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - alderman

alderman - member of governing body or municipal legislative body

GRE Vocabulary - aerostat aerodyne

aerostat - lighter than air aircraft (hot air balloon or airship)

aerodyne - heavier than air aircraft (airplane, helicopter)

aerostat x aerodyne

GRE Vocabulary - aspiration

aspiration - strong desire or ambition

aspiration - inhalation, sucking in

aspiration - audible breath (exhalation) that accompanies speech

GRE Vocabulary - articulate

articulate - segments united by means of joints

articulate - speak clearly and distinctly

GRE Vocabulary - annunciate

annunciate - announce proclaim articulate

GRE Vocabulary - ward

ward - state of being under guard, administrative division

GRE Vocabulary - addle

addle - confound, confuse, spoil, make inefficient or worthless

GRE Vocabulary - upstart

upstart - to jump from a lower position

upstart - parvenu - presumptuous and aggressive newly rich person ,

upstart - one who does not know his/her proper place

GRE Vocabulary - tether

tether - limit of ones strength or resources

tether - fasten or restrain using a rope or chain

GRE Vocabulary - straddle

straddle - to have ones legs on both sides of a chair, saddle, fence; legs wide apart, to spread, sprawl

straddle - to belong to several categories

straddle - determine the range by firing in front of and behind the target

straddle - favor both sides,

straddle - to be non committal, equivocal

GRE Vocabulary - stemming

stemming - restrain or check the development of

stemming - to remove the stem from vegetable or fruit

GRE Vocabulary - accursed

accursed - being under a curse, damnable, abominable

GRE Vocabulary - sinuate

sinuate - wavy with strong indentations, shaped like a sine curve, sinuous, bending in and out

GRE Vocabulary - accordion

accordion - portable hand held wind instrument

accordion - folding, creased or hinged like a accordion