Sunday, August 31, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - perihelion

perihelion - point in orbit nearest to the sun

Sunday, August 24, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - fusspot

fusspot - worrywart, fussbudget, person who thinks about unfortunate things, one who fusses over trifles

GRE Vocabulary - garotte scrag

garotte - method/apparatus for execution by strangulation using a iron collar

garotte - scrag, choke, murder

GRE Vocabulary - amylaceous

amylaceous - starchy

GRE Vocabulary - phaeton

phaeton - light, four wheeled, open carriage horse drawn vehicle with folding top used for tour; touring car; tourer

GRE Vocabulary - regatta

regatta - boat race, series of boat races

GRE Vocabulary - lilting

lilting - rhythmic swing or cadence in speech or walk,

lilting - livery, cheerful, rhythmic singing

GRE Vocabulary - guttle raven

guttle - put into gut, eat or drink greedily or noisily, gorge, gormandize

raven - consume greedily, devour

raven - shiny, black bird that cries in the night

GRE Vocabulary - articled

articled - bound by articles set in a contract, indentured

GRE Vocabulary - keel

keel - chief longitudinal structural member that often projects at the bottom of the ship, aircraft or a birds breastbone

keel - to lean precariously while walking, fall or faint over, lurch, careen, swag

GRE Vocabulary - bounderish bounder

bounder - cad, person of objectionable social behavior, person lacking in refinement and grace

GRE Vocabulary - metricate metricize

metricate - metricize - to indicate everything in metric system, convert, change from other system to metric system

GRE Vocabulary - bedazzle

bedazzle - confuse by bright light, dazzle

bedazzle - impress irresistibly, enchant

GRE Vocabulary - pagination

pagination - page layout of printed page including page numbers, margins, tabs header, footers and number of columns

GRE Vocabulary - androgynous

androgynous - hermaphrodite - bisexual - having characteristics of both male and female

GRE Vocabulary - cuspate

cuspate - shaped like a cusp, having a end that tapers to a point

GRE Vocabulary - muckrake

muckrake - search for and publicly expose the misconduct of prominent individuals and businesses

GRE Vocabulary - mantled

mantled - covered with mantle, cloak, covering

Saturday, August 23, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - sixpenny

sixpenny - sixpence - of little worth, trifling

GRE Vocabulary - luxate

luxate - to displace, dislocate, splay, slip

GRE Vocabulary - kerfuffle

kerfuffle - disorderly outburst, disturbance, fuss

GRE Vocabulary - telegenic

telegenic - well suited, attractive to television audiences

GRE Vocabulary - piddle

piddle - to urinate,

piddle - to diddle, to dawdle, to squander, spend time aimlessly

GRE Vocabulary - mismated

mismated - unsuitable matched

GRE Vocabulary - habitue

habitue - regular patron, devotee

GRE Vocabulary - enate agnate

enate - related on the mothers side

enate - growing outward

agnate - related on the fathers side

GRE Vocabulary - paladin

paladin - trusted military ruler, champion for a cause, hero

Sunday, August 17, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - nubby

nubby - having a rough, knotted, lumped surface

GRE Vocabulary - redemption

redemption - redeeming, repurchase, get or win back, repair, restore, free from captivity, release something pawned for debt or mortgage, salvation, expiation

GRE Vocabulary - detritus

detritus - debris, fragments, loose material, odds and ends

GRE Vocabulary - irruption

irruption - explosive bursting or rushing in

irruption - sudden upsurge in population numbers due to ecological imbalance

GRE Vocabulary - moment

moment - brief period of time

moment - importance, outstanding significance

GRE Vocabulary - blather

blather - nonsense, foolish, incoherent, voluble, inconsequential talk or writing

GRE Vocabulary - swivet

swivet - state of extreme distress and agitation

GRE Vocabulary - collegial

collegial - collegiate, equal sharing of authority and camaraderie among colleagues

GRE Vocabulary - shanghai

shanghai - abduct, compel by force, drugs, trickery or fraud

GRE Vocabulary - babel

babel - scene of loud, confused, disagreeable noises, sounds and languages

GRE Vocabulary - diuretic renal

diuretic - substance that stimulates kidneys to increase excretion of urine

renal - pertaining to (region of) kidneys

GRE Vocabulary - lore

lore - traditional knowledge gained through experience

lore - space between eye and bill of a bird

GRE Vocabulary - shank

shank - part of leg between knee and ankle
shank - leg, stem, shin, long straight part of nail or screw
shank - part of an object by which it can be attached

shank - to hit a ball so that it goes in unintended direction

GRE Vocabulary - gnash

gnash - to grind or bite the teeth together

GRE Vocabulary - eke

eke - to supplement by great effort, to extend or make it last by great economy

GRE Vocabulary - finagle

finagle - obtain by indirect, devious, dishonest, shady means

Friday, August 15, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - blotto

blotto - intoxicated, drunk

Saturday, August 9, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - oligarchy

oligarchy - government by few

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

GRE Sentence Completion

It comes as no surprise that societies have codes of behavior; the character of the codes, on the other hand, can often be----.
(A) predictable
(B) unexpected
(C) admirable
(D) explicit
(E) confusing

Ans : (B) unexpected

GRE Vocabulary - scourge

scourge(n) - a whip or a lash

scourge(n) - means of suffering, vengeance or punishment, cause of widespread disease, suffering or affliction

scourge(v) - to chastise, excoriate, flog or whip

GRE Sentence Completion

Queen Elizabeth I has quite correctly been called a ----of the arts, because many young artists received her patronage.
(A) connoisseur
(B) critic
(C) friend
(D) scourge
(E) judge

Ans : (C) friend

GRE Sentence Completion

When theories formerly considered to be----in their scientific objectivity are found instead to reflect a consistent observational and evaluative bias, then the presumed neutrality of science gives way to the recognition that categories of knowledge are human----.
(A) disinterested.. constructions
(B) callous.. errors
(C) verifiable.. prejudices
(D) convincing.. imperatives
(E) unassailable.. fantasies

Ans : (A) disinterested.. constructions

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

GRE Sentence Completion

In failing to see that the justice's pronouncement merely----previous decisions rather than actually establishing a precedent, the novice law clerk----the scope of the justice's judgment.
(A) synthesized.. limited
(B) overturned.. misunderstood
(C) endorsed.. nullified
(D) qualified.. overemphasized
(E) recapitulated.. defined

Ans : (D) qualified.. overemphasized

GRE Sentence Completion

For some time now, ----has been presumed not to exist: the cynical conviction that everybody has an angle is considered wisdom.
(A) rationality
(B) flexibility
(C) diffidence
(D) disinterestedness
(E) insincerity

Ans : (D) disinterestedness

GRE Sentence Completion

It is his dubious distinction to have proved what nobody would think of denying, that Romero at the age of sixty-four writes with all the characteristics of----.
(A) maturity
(B) fiction
(C) inventiveness
(D) art
(E) brilliance

Ans : -(A) maturity

Monday, August 4, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - minuet

minuet - slow graceful dance in 3/4 time, music or rhythm for such a dance

Sunday, August 3, 2008

GRE Sentence Completion

Although ____ is usually thought to spring from regret for having done something wrong, it may be that its origin is the realization that one's own nature is irremediably ____.
(A) contrition.. resilient
(B) certitude.. confident
(C) skepticism.. innocent
(D) remorse.. flawed
(E) resignation. Frivolous

Ans : (D) remorse.. flawed

GRE Sentence Completion

Many industries are so ____ by the impact of government sanctions, equipment failure, and foreign competition that they are beginning to rely on industrial psychologists to ____ what remains of employee morale.

(A) estranged.. guard
(B) beleaguered.. salvage
(C) overruled.. undermine
(D) encouraged.. determine
(E) restrained.. confirm

Ans : (B) beleaguered.. salvage

GRE Sentence Completion

Imposing steep fines on employers for on-the-job injuries to workers could be an effective ____ to creating a safer workplace, especially in the case of employers with poor safety records.
(A) antidote
(B) alternative
(C) addition
(D) deterrent
(E) incentive

Ans - (E) incentive

GRE Sentence Completion

An obvious style, easily identified by some superficial quirk, is properly_____ as a mere mannerism, whereas a complex and subtle style_____ reduction to a formula.
(A) avoided.. risks
(B) decried.. resists
(C) prized.. withstands
(D) identified ..consists of
(E) cultivated.. demands

Ans - (B) decried.. resists

GRE Sentence Completion

The action and characters in a melodrama can be so immediately ____ that all observers can hiss the villain with an air of smug but enjoyable ____.
(A) spurned.. boredom
(B) forgotten.. condescension
(C) classified. .self-righteousness
(D) plausible.. guilt
(E) gripping. .skepticism

Ans : (C) classified. .self-righteousness

GRE Sentence Completion

It is ironic that a critic of such overwhelming vanity now suffers from a measure of the oblivion to which he was forever----others, in the end, all his----has only worked against him.
(A) dedicating.. self-procession
(B) leading.. self-righteousness
(C) consigning.. self-adulation
(D) relegating.. self-sacrifice
(E) condemning.. self-analysis

Ans - (C) consigning.. self-adulation

GRE Sentence Completion

Art___ science, but that does not mean that the artist must also be a scientist; an artist uses the fruits of science but need not___ the theories from which they derive.
(A) precedes.. anticipate
(B) incorporates.. understand
(C) transcends.. abandon
(D) imitates.. repudiate
(E) resembles.. contest

Ans : (B) incorporates.. understand

GRE Sentence Completion

The chances that a species will___ are reduced if any vital functions restricted to a single kind of organ;___ by itself possesses an enormous survival advantage.
(A) degenerate.. complexity
(B) expire.. size
(C) disappear.. variety
(D) flourish.. symmetry
(E) persist.. redundancy

Ans : (E) persist.. redundancy

GRE Sentence Completion

Cezanne's delicate watercolor sketches often served as ___ of a subject, way of gathering fuller knowledge before the artist's final engagement of the subject in an oil painting.
(A) an abstraction
(B) an enhancement
(C) a synthesis
(D) a reconnaissance
(E) a transcription

Ans : (D) a reconnaissance

GRE Sentence Completion

It is strange how words shape our thoughts and trap us at the bottom of deeply ___canyons of thinking, their imprisoning sides carved out by the___ of past usage.
(A) cleaved.. eruptions
(B) rooted.. flood
(C) incised. .river
(D) ridged.. ocean
(E) notched.. mountains

Ans : (C) incised. .river

GRE Vocabulary - wager

wager - gamble, stake, bet

GRE Sentence Completion

If efficacious new medicines have side effects that are commonly observed and ___, such medicines are too often considered ___, even when laboratory tests suggest caution.
(B) unpredictable..reliable
(C) frequent..outdated
(D) salutary..experimental
(E) complicated..useful

Ans : (A)

GRE Sentence Completion

Changes of fashion and public taste are often____ and resistant to analysis, and yet they are among the most ____gauges of the state of the public's collective consciousness.
(A) transparent..useful
(B) ephemeral..sensitive
(C) faddish..underutilized
(D) arbitrary..problematic
(E) permanent..reliable


Ans : (B) ephemeral..sensitive

GRE Sentence Completion

The newborn human infant is not a passive figure, nor an active one,but what might be called an actively ___one,eagerly attentive as it is to sights and sounds.
(A) adaptive
(B) selective
(C) inquisitive
(D) receptive
(E) intuitive

Ans - (D) receptive

GRE Sentence Completion

Broadway audiences have become inured to___and so___to be pleased as to make their ready ovations meaningless as an indicator of the quality of the production before them.
(A) sentimentality..disinclined
(B) condescension..unlikely
(C) histrionics..reluctant
(D) cleverness..eager
(E) mediocrity..desperate

Ans : (E) mediocrity..desperate

GRE Vocabulary - determinant

determinant - element that determines/identifies the nature or conditions the outcome