Saturday, July 26, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - peaked

peaked - reached a maximum or peak

peaked - sickly, pale, wan or emaciated

Thursday, July 24, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - bashful

bashful - shy, diffident, self-conscious, awkward

Saturday, July 19, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - papoose

papoose - cradle board, child carrier

GRE Vocabulary - pout

pout - sulk, show a sign of displeasure by protruding lower lip

pout - to project or protrude

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - ballad

ballad - popular romantic or sentimental song

GRE Vocabulary - raspy

raspy - harsh, rough, grating, irritable

GRE Vocabulary - prow stern

prow - pointed, forward projecting part of a ship (bow), aircraft, racing skate, chariot or any vessel

stern - rear, hinder or later part of a boat

GRE Vocabulary - brume brumous

brume - mist, fog

brumous -

GRE Vocabulary - emptor vendee

emptor - vendee - buyer

GRE Vocabulary - dulcify dulcorate

dulcify - dulcorate - make sweet, agreeable, gentle ; mollify

GRE Vocabulary - ingeminate

ingeminate - redoubled, repeated, reiterated

GRE Vocabulary - desolate

desolate - deserted, barren, lifeless, dilapidated

desolate - joyless, sorrowful and disconsolate

GRE Vocabulary - cark

cark - burden, worry, trouble

Sunday, July 13, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - muggins

muggins - person who lacks good judgement, saphead, tomfool

GRE Vocabulary - kyphosis lordosis

kyphosis - hump, rounded upper back, hunchback

lordosis - abnormally increased inward curvature of the lower back

GRE Vocabulary - mewl

mewl - cry weakly or softly, whimper

GRE Vocabulary - commutate

commutate - reverse every half cycle of alternating current so that it becomes unidirectional

GRE Vocabulary - affiance

affiance - betroth, promise to marry

GRE Vocabulary - tote

tote - haul, lug, tug, carry with difficulty

GRE Vocabulary - hulk

hulk - large, massive, clumsy, unwieldy

hulk - ship that is used as a prison

GRE Vocabulary - nigrify

nigrify - make or become black, melanise

GRE Vocabulary - auberge

auberge - inn, harbor, lodge, hotel providing overnight stay for travellers

GRE Vocabulary - gage

gage(v) - place a bet on; stake; game; punt

GRE Vocabulary - hassock

hassock - thick cushion used as a footstool

hassock - dense lump of grass

GRE Vocabulary - wrawl

wrawl - to cry loudly as a animal

GRE Vocabulary - demode

demode - out of fashion, outmoded, no longer fashionable

GRE Vocabulary - momism

momism - excessive protection; overshielding

GRE Vocabulary - adactylia amyotonia

adactylia - congenital absence of fingers or toes

amyotonia - atonia; lack of normal muscular tension or tonus

GRE Vocabulary - gilt

gilt - thin layer of gold, superficial brilliance

GRE Vocabulary - cocker

cocker - indulge, pamper, spoil, coddle

GRE Vocabulary - sire

sire(v) - to engender, father, beget, originate

sire(n) - male parent, father, author, originator

GRE Vocabulary - argent

argent - heraldic white or silver color

GRE Vocabulary - mismate

mismate - unsuitable match

GRE Vocabulary - holler

holler - cry out, gripe, shout, complain

GRE Vocabulary - beef

beef(v) - to increase or add strength or power

beef(v) - to complain

beef - muscular flesh of a bovine, brawn

GRE Vocabulary - midget nanus

midget - small, miniature, diminutive

nanus - dwarf

GRE Vocabulary - fain

fain - willing, gladly, with preference or pleasure

fain - compelled, obliged, constrained

GRE Vocabulary - rail

rail - to provide with a railing or fence

Diction - if when

if ..... - indicates a condition

when .... - indicates a time

Diction - much many

much - for quantities that cannot be counted

many - for quantities that can be counted

Saturday, July 12, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - hex

hex - jinx, spell, evil curse,

hex - witch, person who indulges in witchcraft

Thursday, July 10, 2008

GRE Analogy - HEM : SKIRT


1 erase : mark
2 peel : banana
3 embroider : sweater
4 boil : water
5 trim : hair

Ans : 5 trim : hair

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - stodgy

stodgy - dull, boring, old fashioned, unimaginative, commonplace

stodgy - heavy, pompous, stuffy, solid, moving slowly due to physical bulk

GRE Vocabulary - inglorious

inglorious - shameful, ignominious, lacking fame or honor, disgraceful

inglorious - not famous, obscure

GRE Vocabulary - rubicund

rubicund - ruddy, healthy, rosy

GRE Vocabulary - raiment

raiment - clothing, garments

GRE Vocabulary - palimpsest

palimpsest - writing material used more than one times after incompletely erasing earlier writing

palimpsest - object, place or area that reflects/reminds of earlier history

palimpsest - something having diverse layers or aspects apparent beneath the surface

GRE Vocabulary - renaissance

renaissance - renascence - revival, rebirth,

GRE Vocabulary - paroxysm

paroxysm - fit, convulsion, outburst, sudden violent attack or emotion

GRE Vocabulary - smarmy

smarmy - hypocritical, falsely earnest, ingratiating

GRE Vocabulary - vivisepulture

vivisepulture - art or practice of burning alive

GRE Vocabulary - euonym

euonym - appropriate name

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - demarche

demarche - procedure, step, maneuver, course of action

demarche - procedure or protest through diplomatic channel

GRE Vocabulary - autochthonous

autochthonous - indigenous, native

GRE Vocabulary - flit

flit - move rapidly and nimbly, dart

GRE Vocabulary - debauchee

debauchee - libertine, extremely indulgent in sensuality

GRE Vocabulary - bilious

bilious - peevish, ill natured, unpleasant, sickly

GRE Vocabulary - requite

requite - make a return, repay, reciprocate,

requite - avenge

Monday, July 7, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - dunk

dunk - dip food temporarily into beverage before eating
dunk - form of torture and punishment given by submerging temporarily into water

GRE Vocabulary - sinewy

sinewy - tough, strong and firm

sinewy - lean and muscular

GRE Vocabulary - pinnace

pinnace - light sailing ship

Sunday, July 6, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - cantor

cantor - choir leader, precentor

GRE Vocabulary - demitasse

demitasse - small cup of strong black coffee, half cup -- demi = half, tasse = cup

Saturday, July 5, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - hamlet

hamlet - small village, rural community smaller than a village usually without a church

GRE Vocabulary - butt

butt(v) - hit or push with head or horns, ram, push outward

butt - person or object of ridicule or contempt, a target

GRE Vocabulary - pulpit

pulpit - elevated platform for preaching or conducting a workshop service

pulpit - prominent public position of preaching

GRE Vocabulary - dolor

dolor - mental suffering, anguish, sorrow, grief, misery

GRE Vocabulary - munition

munition - war material, weapons, ammunition, armament

GRE Vocabulary - execrable

execrable - detestable, wretched

GRE Vocabulary - solarium

solarium - sunroom - glass enclosed room for exposure to sun

Friday, July 4, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - zany

zany - comical and outlandish, bizarre

GRE Vocabulary - ignoble

ignoble - of lowly birth or common origin, plebeian

ignoble - base, low, mean,

GRE Vocabular - grisly

grisly - gruesome, inspiring repugnance, horror, disgust, distaste, shocking, repellent

GRE Vocabulary - begrudge

begrudge - give reluctantly with displeasure

begrudge - envy the possession or enjoyment of some pleasure

begrudge - to look upon with disapproval

GRE Vocabulary - crotchet

crotchet - odd, whimsical, eccentric, stubborn person

crotchet - quarter note

GRE Vocabulary - rejoinder

rejoinder - answer especially to a reply

rejoinder - defendants answer to a plaintiff's replication

GRE Vocabulary - mosaic

mosaic - picture or design made by inlaying various multicolored pieces

GRE Vocabulary - explicate

explicate - to make a detailed explanation of, analyze logically, develop the implications of

GRE Vocabulary - montage

montage - composite juxtaposition of heterogeneous elements, collage

montage - rapid succession of successive shots of a movie to illustrate an association of ideas

GRE Vocabulary - incurious

incurious - lacking normal curiosity, uninterested

GRE Vocabulary - vista

vista - distant view seen through a opening, extensive mental view

GRE Vocabulary - exacting

exacting - extremely demanding, requiring great care, effort and attention

GRE Vocabulary - chide

chide - scold mildly, express disapproval

GRE Vocabulary - cavalier

cavalier - armed horseman, knight, gallant, aristocratic, debonair

cavalier - carefree, nonchalant, offhand disdainfully dismissing important matters

Thursday, July 3, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - undulant

undulant - resembling rising and falling wavy form, outline, or motion

GRE Vocabulary - burly

burly - strongly and heavily built, husky

GRE Vocabulary - supple

supple - pliant, agile, limber, compliant, adaptable

GRE Vocabulary - purse

purse - pucker or tighten ones lips

GRE Vocabulary - grate

grate - abrade, reduce to small particles by something rough

grate - fret, irritate,

grate - barred iron frame for cooking over fire

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - emigrate

emigrate - move out to a new country, expatriate

immigrate - move into ones own country

GRE Vocabulary - egalitarian

egalitarian - promoting social, economical and political human equality

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - doctrinaire

doctrinaire - dogmatic, committed inflexible supporter of doctrine or theory without regard to its practicality

GRE Vocabulary - booty

booty - plunder taken away in war, prized award, rich gain, prize