Wednesday, April 30, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - bight

bight - slack part or loop in a rope, portion of rope between the ends

bight - bend in the coast forming a open bay

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - supramundane

supramundane - celestial, situated above the world or system, supernatural, spiritual

Monday, April 28, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - bier

bier - stand on which corpse or the coffin is placed before being carried to the grave

GRE Vocabulary - bibulous

bibulous - fond of alcoholic drinks, highly absorbent

Sunday, April 27, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - bethink

bethink - to rethink, remind, consider, reflect

GRE Vocabulary - tottering

tottering - lacking strength or vitality, tremble, swagger, move unsteadily, insecure, lacking firmness or stability

GRE Vocabulary - akimbo

akimbo - having hand on the hip and elbow turned outward, set in a bent position

GRE Vocabulary - bestride

bestride - ride, straddle, tower over, dominate, get on , stride upon a horse

GRE Vocabulary - bestrew

bestrew - sprinkle or cover with things strewn, lie scattered over, strew

GRE Vocabulary - belay

belay(v) - to secure, stop, make fast and object by means of turns of rope around a cleat

belay(v) - to secure (as in mountain climber) at the end of a rope

belay(n) - something to which person or rope is anchored

GRE Vocabulary - bedaub

bedaub - besmear, cover with something oily

GRE Vocabulary - beck

beck - beckon, summon

GRE Vocabulary - dandy

dandy - person obsessively concerned about personal appearance, foppish

dandy - first rate, excellent in its class

GRE Vocabulary - beau

beau - boyfriend, escort, lover

GRE Vocabulary - batten

batten(n) - thick solid flat strip (usually of wood)

batten(v) - to become thick or fat, feed gluttonously, thrive and prosper at others expense

GRE Vocabulary - baton

baton - hollow metal rod with bulge at the end(s) that is flourished, twirled by the drum majorette or major

baton - official staff borne as a symbol of office or authority or as a weapon, often carried along with uniform

baton - slender rod by which leader/conductor directs the band and indicates the musical beat by vertical and horizontal motion

baton - hollow cylinder carried by each member of the relay team and passed on to the next

GRE Vocabulary - balsam

balsam - pleasantly smelling plant product, used for medicinal healing

GRE Vocabulary - vestibule

vestibule - cavity at the beginning of or at the entrance of another cavity or canal, eg., nasal vestibule = nostril

vestibule - antechamber, foyer, entry room, passage, hall or room between the outer door and interior of a building

vestibule - enclosed entrance or chamber at the end of railway passenger car separated from the main interior

vestibule - school to train new workers, course that offers access to something new

GRE Vocabulary - actionable

actionable - providing ground for an action or lawsuit

actionable - something that can be acted upon

GRE Vocabulary - achromatic

achromatic - without colors, colorless, not readily colored

achromatic - without accidentals or modulations

GRE Vocabulary - achillean

achillean - invincible, invulnerable

GRE Vocabulary - nap

nap - direction in which strands of hair or fur are oriented

GRE Vocabulary - baize felt

baize - felt, single colored coarse woolen cloth, most often used to cover tables, cushions, curtains

GRE Vocabulary - usher

usher - a person who escorts people, person in charge of a door of a courtroom, hall or chamber, officer who walks before a person of rank enters

GRE Vocabulary - mooring

mooring - to fasten a boat or a aircraft, to anchor

mooring - device (as in a line) by which ship is anchored or a place to which it is anchored

mooring - established practice or stabilizing influence, anchorage

moor - to secure, make fast, to anchor

GRE Vocabulary - daft flaky

daft - silly, foolish, mad, insane, frivolously merry

daftness - informal term for insanity, flakiness

flaky - offbeat, eccentric, odd

GRE Vocabulary - berth

berth - sufficient space for a ship to maneuver
Source :

berth - space for a automobile at rest, eg., truck loading berth
Source :

berth - place where a ship lies when at anchor or moored

berth - place to sit or sleep on a ship or a overnight train, place to sleep or stay

berth - sufficient space or distance maintained for safety

berth - job, position or a place

GRE Vocabulary - recusant

recusant - one who refuses to conform to, accept or obey established rules or authority, dissenter, nonconformist

GRE Vocabulary - ad-lib

ad-lib - to improvise or deliver spontaneously

ad lib - done according to ones wishes, without constraints, restrictions or limits

GRE Vocabulary - vivify

vivify - to endow with life or vitality, to animate

GRE Vocabulary - dispassionate

dispassionate - fair, not affected by personal or emotional involvement

dispassionate - not affected by strong feeling



(A). circumvent:space
(B). rotate:size
(C). plumb:depth

(D). elevate:height
(E). truncate:length

Ans : (E). truncate:length

Explanation : to constrict diameter is to restrict it

GRE Vocabulary - tureen

tureen - deep and covered bowl from which food (soup) is served

GRE Vocabulary - bailiff

bailiff - person responsible for maintaining order in a courtroom during a trial,

bailiff - overseer of a estate , steward, custodian

bailiff - officer having custody of prisoners, minor officer who serves writs and makes arrests and executions, minor officer used as a messenger or usher

GRE Vocabulary - absolution

absolution - absolving, set free from the obligation of consequence of a guilt, forgiveness

GRE Vocabulary - abscess

abscess - localized collection of pus surrounded by inflamed tissue

GRE Vocabulary - aboveboard

aboveboard - in a straightforward manner, openly, without deceit or trickery, candid

GRE Vocabulary - abed

abed - in bed, on a bed

GRE Vocabulary - abbess abbot abbey

abbot - superior of a monastery for men, father

abbess - lady superior of a abbey / convent of nuns or nunnery

Antonym abbess x abbot

abbey - Christian monastery or convent

GRE Vocabulary - preprandial postprandial

preprandial - relating to or suitable to a time just before dinner

postprandial - just after dinner

preprandial x postprandial

GRE Vocabulary - rodomontade

rodomontade - arrogant boasting or bragging, vain rant, bluster, vainglory, gasconade, fanfaronade

GRE Vocabulary - interlude

interlude - short simple performance inserted in the intervening period of a longer composition, religious service or performance

interlude - intermission, interval, interruptive period,

GRE Vocabulary - hebetude

hebetude - lethargy, dullness, stupidity, obtuseness

GRE Vocabulary - risible

risible - provoking laughter, associated with, disposed to laugh, capable of laughing

GRE Vocabulary - clobber

clobber - pound mercilessly, criticize harshly, beat severly, defeat overwhemingly

GRE Vocabulary - execrate denounce

execrate - denounce, detest, declare to be evil or detestable

denounce - condemn publicly, denounce

denounce - announce the termination of a treaty

GRE Antonym - hieratic

Antonym : hieratic x demotic

Explanation : demotic - pertaining to the people, common man

GRE Vocabulary - hieratic

hieratic - cursive writing style similar to hieroglyphics

hieratic - priestly, reserved for holy or sacred uses, sacerdotal, highly stylized or formal

GRE Vocabulary - farrago

farrago - confused or jumbled mixture, pastiche, salmagundi

GRE Vocabulary - aleatory

aleatory - depending on luck, chance or uncertain event, hence unpredictable

GRE Vocabulary - eremite

eremite - hermit, religious recluse

Saturday, April 26, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - troglodyte

troglodyte - caveman, recluse person with outmoded or reactionary attitude

GRE Vocabulary - lucubration

lucubration - laborious or intensive study done by the night, product of such a study

lucubrate - to work, study or write into the wee hours by means of laborious effort, especially writing in scholarly or pedantic fashion

GRE Vocabulary - irrefragable frangible friable

irrefragable - impossible to refute, break or alter

frangible - readily or easily broken, brittle

infrangible - inviolable, incapable of being broken into parts

friable - easily crumbled or pulverized

GRE Voclabulary - minacious

minacious - minatory - threatening

Etymology - menace

GRE Vocabulary - jejune

jejune - empty, lacking in nourishment, devoid of interest, puerile, insipid

GRE Vocabulary - palette

palette - range or quality available for use

palette - thin oval or rectangular board/tablet with hole for the the thumb, that painter holds to mix pigments on

GRE Vocabulary - ordination

ordination - ceremony of consecration to the ministry, setting apart as clergy

ordination - act or ordering, ordaining;

GRE Vocabulary - ordinal

ordinal - of a specified order or rank, number form showing the order of thing in a series

GRE Vocabulary - subtend

subtend - to underlie so as to enclose or surround

subtend - to be opposite to and limit, eg., opposite side of angle in a triangle, center of a arc; to measure by marking off the end points

subtend - to extend opposite to

GRE Vocabulary - syneresis synizesis

syneresis - separation of liquid from gel due to contraction

syneresis - drawing together of two consecutive vowels or syllables into one syllable
syneresis = synizesis
synizesis - combination of two syllables into one by sounding the vowels together

GRE Vocabulary - upcast

upcast - directed or thrown upwards, cast upwards

upcast - shaft in a mine

GRE Vocabulary - ultramontane

ultramontane - beyond the mountains

GRE Vocabulary - transferee

transferee - person who is transferred, person to whom transfer, conveyance of title or property is made

GRE Vocabulary - transfusion transfusible

transfuse - transfusing, permeate, diffuse into, transfer liquid (blood) from donor to recipient

transfusible - capable of being transfused/ poured from one vessel to another

Friday, April 25, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - trestle

trestle - braced framework of timber or steel for carrying rail or roadway over a depression

GRE Vocabulary - vinery vineyard

vinery - vineyard, plantation area of grape bearing vines mainly for making wines

GRE Vocabulary - waistcoat

waistcoat - vest, ornamental garment worn under a doublet

GRE Vocabulary - venison

venison - meat, deer meat, flesh of a game animal

GRE Vocabulary - retch

retch - vomit, make an effort to vomit

GRE Vocabulary - stanchion

stanchion - upright bar or post/posts, maybe used for support

stanchion - portable posts for managing queues, or crowd control

stanchion - pair of bars that fit loosely around the neck of cattle and prevents forward or backward motion, used to confine cattle in a shed

GRE Vocabulary - pennant

pennant - commemorative, emblematic flag to show support to a particular team or championship, souvenir

pennant - long, triangular, tapering to a point flag used on ship for identification or signaling

GRE Vocabulary - peccable impeccable pecant

peccable - liable to sin, fault

impeccable - faultless, flawless, not capable of sin

peccant - guilty, faulty, sinning, violator of a rule or law

GRE Vocabulary - pamphleteer

pamphleteer(n) - one who writes pamphlets attacking someone or promoting a cause

pamphleteer(v) - to engage in partisan arguments in writing, write pamphlets

GRE Vocabulary - palinode

palinode - palinody - formal retraction, ode or song retracting something in a earlier poem

Thursday, April 24, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - tilth

tilth - tillage - cultivated land

Antonym : arable x untillable

GRE Vocabulary - tortious

tortious - full of tort - wrongful act other than breaking of contract for which relief against damages can be obtained

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - undulous

undulous - undulatory - resembling waves

GRE Vocabulary - ragamuffin

ragamuffin - ragged, disreputable,dirty person/child wearing poor torn, shabby clothes

GRE Vocabulary - flax

flax - pale yellow fiber of a plant prepared for spinning

GRE Vocabulary - fawn

fawn - young one of a deer

fawn - show affection, court affection by flattering manner,

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - repertory

repertory - repository, repertoire, company / theater which presents many different kinds of plays performances during the course of a year

Monday, April 21, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - redound

redound - to have an effect or consequence, to accrue, to be added;

redound - to rebound, to reflect

GRE Vocabulary - ramose

ramose - having many branches, branched