Saturday, May 31, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - divagation

divagation - vagary, diversion, digression, lateral shifting of a course of stream

GRE Vocabulary - involution

involution - act of involving or entangling,

involution - complexity, intricacy

involution - mathematical function which when applied twice, brings back to the starting point

GRE Vocabulary - distrain

distrain - subject a person to distress, seize and hold property to compel payment or reparation for debts or obligation

GRE Vocabulary - esurient

esurient - hungry, greedy

GRE Vocabulary - distensible distention

distensible - capable of being distended - extended, stretched or expanded in all directions

distention - expansion

GRE Vocabulary - introversion

introversion - act of turning inwards, directing thoughts towards self, condition of being wholly or predominantly concerned with ones own self

GRE Vocabulary - distemper

distemper - disorder, disturbance, illness, ailment, disease, malady

GRE Vocabulary - intromit

intromit - introduce, admit, insert

Friday, May 30, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - dissentient

dissentient - one who disagrees, differs in opinion

GRE Vocabulary - disjunctive

disjunctive - dividing or separating, providing a contrast or opposition

GRE Vocabulary - negligee

negligee - womens loose dressing gown, nightgown

negligee - informal or incomplete attire

GRE Vocabulary - dishabille

dishabille - casual, partial, lounging attire

dishabille - deliberately careless or casual style of dressing

Etymology - di + habiliment(clothing)

GRE Vocabulary - introgression

introgression - entrance, infiltration, introduction of genes from one species to another

GRE Vocabulary - disfavor

disfavor - disapproval, disadvantage, disregard, dislike, unfavorable opinion or judgment

GRE Vocabulary - intrigue

intrigue - secret scheme, machination

intrigue - clandestine love affair

GRE Vocabulary - disclaim

disclaim - to renounce a legal claim, deny, disavow any connection or responsibility

GRE Vocabulary - intestacy, intestate

intestacy - state of being intestate - dying without having made a valid will

GRE Vocabulary - diphthong monophthong

diphthong - complex speech sound of two merged vowels (ligature/digraph in speech), monosyllabic vowel that begins with one vowel and smoothly glides to the second,

monophthongs - pure vowels with one target tongue position
diphthongs - vowel sounds with two target tongue positions

Thursday, May 29, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - intervale

intervale - bottom land, low lying land between hills along a watercourse

GRE Vocabulary -differentia

differentia - distinguishing characteristic or feature

GRE Vocabulary - intension intention

intension - stretching, intensity, connotation, sum of attributes contained in a term

intention - resolve, purpose, aim

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - dialectician

dialectician - one who is skilled in dialectics

dialectics - logic, discussion and reasoning by dialog, intellectual exchange of ideas, arriving at truth by weighing contradictory ideas

GRE Vocabulary - insular

insular - related to an island, provincial, parochial, isolated, narrow;

insular - pertaining to an island

GRE Vocabulary - deviltry

deviltry - witchcraft, wickedness, mischief, cruelty, devilry

GRE Vocabulary - disoblige

disoblige - to go counter to the wishes of, to give offense to , to affront, to inconvenience

GRE Vocabulary - insentient

insentient - lacking perception, consciousness, animation or sensation

GRE Vocabulary - inhume

inhume - place into a grave, bury, inter

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - ingraft engraft

ingraft engraft - to introduce into a host, to graft

GRE Vocabulary - detrude

detrude - thrust or force down, push forcibly, force out or away

GRE Vocabulary - despond

despond - become despondent, depressed, gloomy, disheartened, discouraged

GRE Vocabulary - amortize

amortize - to prorate a expense over interval for tax purposes

amortize - to liquidate a debt by installment payments

GRE Vocabulary - divestiture

divestiture - act of divesting, compulsory transfer of title or disposal of shareholder stock upon government order

GRE Vocabulary - irenic

irenic - promoting peace, moderation or conciliation

GRE Vocabulary - wend

wend - to direct ones course, to proceed on, to travel

GRE Vocabulary - tamp

tamp(v) - to pack down tightly by successive blows or taps, to compact a material by repeated blows

tamp(v) - to put a check on, reduce, lessen

tamp(n) - tool / device for tamping

GRE Vocabulary - splenetic

splenetic - irritable, bad tempered

GRE Vocabulary - infelicitous

infelicitous - inappropriate, ill timed, unfortunate

GRE Vocabulary - prologue

prologue - preface, introduction, preceding event or development

GRE Vocabulary - endogamy

endogamy - marriage within a group in accordance with custom or law

GRE Vocabulary - recreant

recreant - coward, apostate, deserter, unfaithful to duty or allegiance

GRE Vocabulary - rebus

rebus - riddle made of pictures or symbols representing words

GRE Vocabulary - raffish tawdry

raffish - tawdry, flashily vulgar in display or appearance, carelessly unconventional, rakish, morally careless

tawdry - cheap, gaudy, indecent

Monday, May 26, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - rakish

rakish - having trim, streamlined appearance

rakish - like a rake, dissolute, lacking restraint, indulging, dashingly or carelessly unconventional, stylish, lively, jaunty, immoral

GRE Vocabulary - plangent

plangent - having loud reverberative sound

plangent - plaintive, expressing lamentation or sadness

GRE Vocabulary - natty dapper

natty - neat, trim , tidy, smart, dapper

dapper - neat, stylish, alert and lively

GRE Vocabulary - insouciant

insouciant - nonchalant, carefree, blithe fully unconcerned, easygoing

GRE Vocabulary - homiletics homily

homiletics - art of preaching,

homily - lecture or short sermon, inspirational catchphrase, platitude

GRE Vocabulary - frieze

frieze - heavily durable coarse woolen cloth with one rough surface

frieze - ornamental decorative horizontal band on the upper part of a wall below the cornice

GRE Vocabulary - cornice

cornice - molded projecting horizontal member that crowns a building or a wall

GRE Vocabulary - lintel

lintel - horizontal architectural member that spans and carries the load above an opening between upright columns (posts)

GRE Vocabulary - gable

gable - triangular portion of a wall between the edges of a sloping roof

gable - ornamental architectural structure (usually triangular) above a arched door or window

GRE Vocabulary - odious

odious - arousing or deserving intense aversion, hatred or repugnance

GRE Vocabulary - dulcet

dulcet - melodious to the ear, sweet tasting, having soothing agreeable quality

GRE Vocabulary - desuetude

desuetude - discontinuance from use or exercise, disuse

GRE Vocabulary - descant

descant - melodious highest part sung in a part music

descant - discourse, lengthy discussion or comment at length

GRE Vocabulary - inchmeal

inchmeal - piecemeal, little by little, gradually

GRE Vocabulary - recant

recant - formally retract or disavow a previously held belief, renounce publicly

GRE Vocabulary - caparison

caparison - ornamental covering for a horse saddle or harness, adornments, trappings, finery

caparison - to adorn, decorate with rich ornamental covering

GRE Vocabulary - cachinnate

cachinnate - to laugh loudly or immoderately, convulsive laughter, guffaw

GRE Vocabulary - auspice

auspice - guardianship, protection, patronage

auspice - favorable omen, prophetic sign

GRE Vocabulary - spendthrift

spendthrift - one who wastes money, one who spends improvidently

GRE Vocabulary - asseverate

asseverate - to assert, affirm or declare positively, earnestly and with conviction

GRE Vocabulary - acarpous

acarpous - sterile, no longer producing fruit, effete

GRE Vocabulary - waddy

waddy(n) - hunting stick or a club

waddy(v) - to attack or beat with a waddy

waddy(n) - cowboy

GRE Vocabulary - bombast

bombast - pretentious, pompous, grandiloquent, inflated speech or writing

GRE Vocabulary - maculate

maculate(adj) - marked with spots, botched, impure, besmirched

GRE Vocabulary - derrick

derrick - hoisting apparatus consisting of vertical mast, slanted boom and associated tackle either manually or machine operated, used for hoisting and suspending weights in ship docks

derrick - framework or tower over a deep drill (as in oil well) for hoisting and lowering boring tackle

GRE Vocabulary - derisible

derisible - worthy of derision or scorn or ridicule

GRE Vocabulary - impregnable

impregnable - unassailable, unconquerable, impenetrable, incapable of being taken by assault

Sunday, May 25, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - deponent

deponent - one who testifies under oath, gives evidence, especially under writing

GRE Vocabulary - impolitic

impolitic - unwise, foolish, imprudent, not politic, not expedient

GRE Vocabulary - abreast

abreast - side by side, up to date, at a certain level

GRE Vocabular - dissimulate dissemble

dissemble dissimulate - simulate, hide under false appearance

GRE Vocabulary - satanic

satanic - extremely cruel or vicious, evil, wicked, pertaining to the devil

GRE Vocabulary - milieu

milieu - physical or social setting, environment, surroundings, background

GRE Vocabulary - dentifrice

dentifrice - powder, paste or liquid used for cleaning teeth

Etymology - denti + friction

GRE Vocabulary - impassable impassible

impassable - incapable of being crossed over, overcome or surmounted

impassible - impassive - unmoved by pleasure or by pain, stoic

Saturday, May 24, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - illumine

illumine - to illuminate, to help to understand (especially spiritual message)

GRE Vocabulary - dendroid arborescent dendrology

dendroid - arborescent - like a tree

dendrology - botanical study of trees

GRE Vocabulary - illiberal

illiberal - lacking culture, lacking refinement, bigoted,

illiberal - not generous, stingy

GRE Vocabulary - demurrage

demurrage - detention of ship or cargo carrier beyond the normal time,

demurrage - surcharge, charge, compensation for such delay

GRE Vocabulary - gossamer

gossamer - soft, light, delicate, insubstantial, flimsy, gauzy, sheer tenuous

gossamer - thin film of spider cobwebs floating in the air and caught on grass

GRE Vocabulary - demulcent

demulcent - soothing ointment

GRE Vocabulary - unctuous

unctuous - fatty, oily, abundant in soft and rich organic materials

unctuous - insincere, ingratiating earnestness

GRE Vocabulary - rancid

rancid - repugnant disagreeable odor or taste of decomposing oil or fat, rank, rotten

rancid - repugnant, nasty remarks

GRE Vocabulary - petite

petite - small, slender and slim, usually used for a women or size of such womens clothing

GRE Vocabulary - deportment

deportment - demeanor, bearing, behavior, manner of personal conduct

GRE Vocabulary - glean

glean - gather facts in small quantities, gather information bit by bit, pick over, find out

glean - gather left over grain or other produce left behind by reapers after harvesting

GRE Vocabulary - deliquesce

deliquesce - dissolve and become liquid by absorbing moisture from air, become soft and liquid with age or maturity

deliquesce - melt away

GRE Vocabulary - forswear

forswear - renounce under oath, deny, abjure, swear falsely

GRE Vocabulary - deism

deism - doctrine of natural religion denying the interference of creator in the laws of universe

GRE Vocabulary - forage

forage(n) - plant material, fodder eaten by grazing animals

forage(v) - to ravage, raid, rummage

GRE Vocabulary - eurhythmics eurythmics

eurhythmics - eurythmics - harmonious timed bodily movements in response to music

GRE Vocabulary - simper smirk

simper - smirk, smile in a silly, self conscious, coy manner denoting insolence, scorn or smugness

GRE Vocabulary - foppish

foppish - foolish, silly, person who pays too much attention to his clothes and external appearance

GRE Vocabulary - degeneracy

degeneracy - state of being degraded, becoming degenerate

degeneracy - corrupt, vulgar, vicious, sexually perverted behavior

GRE Vocabulary - flak

flak - criticism, opposition, dissension

flak - anti -aircraft guns

GRE Vocabulary - defray

defray - to undertake or assist in the payment of , to bear the expenses of

GRE Vocabulary - declension

declension - change or inflection of noun, adjective or pronoun endings to indicate features such as number, gender or case

declension - falling off, deterioration, descent, slope

declension - deviation from standard practice

GRE Vocabulary - educe

educe - bring out something potential or latent, evoke, elicit, extort

educe - deduce, to assume or work out from the facts,

GRE Vocabulary - deciduous

deciduous - falling off or shedding at regular intervals or at certain stage of maturity

GRE Vocabulary - decameron

decameron - volume consisting of ten parts or books

GRE Vocabulary - decalogue

Decalogue - ten commandments

Decalogue - fundamental set of rules carrying binding authority

GRE Vocabulary - dastard

dastard - a sneaking, mean, malicious coward

dastard - person who acts underhandedly and treacherously

GRE Vocabulary - darkling

darkling - in the dark, blindly

darkle - to become darkened, clouded, become gloomy

GRE Vocabulary - arcade

arcade - series of arches bounded or supported by columns, covered passage or walkway

GRE Vocabulary - apse altar

apse - semi domed or semi polygonal end of a passage or aisle, often vaulted recess projecting from the building intended to house an altar

altar - elevated structure on which sacrifices are offered or incense is burned in worship

GRE Vocabulary - byzantine rococo

byzantine - highly ornamented and intricate architecture with a lot of minarets

rococo - highly ornamented architecture, artistic, excessively intricate

GRE Vocabulary - sorority

sorority - womens club, womens student organization

GRE Vocabulary - hazing

hazing - ragging, initiation process involving harrassment

GRE Vocabulary - busing

busing - transportation of students from one region to other to achieve racial balance

GRE Vocabulary - fescue

fescue - pointing stick used to teach children how to read

GRE Vocabulary - wunderkind

wunderkind - child prodigy

GRE Vocabulary - seminarian

seminarian - student in a seminary (School imparting religious instruction)

GRE Vocabulary - salutatorian

salutatorian - student having second highest rank who first delivers the salutatory address at the commencement of graduation ceremony of class

valedictorian - student having highest rank who delivers the valedictory (farewell) address at graduation ceremony

salutatory - welcome address

GRE Vocabulary - rector

rector - leader, one who directs, chief administrator

GRE Vocabulary - preceptor

preceptor - headmaster or principal at school, expert, teacher, tutor

GRE Vocabulary - philomath

philomath - lover of learning, scholar, (student of math)

GRE Vocabulary - freshman sophomore

freshman - first year student at college, beginner, new comer

sophomore - second year student at college

GRE Vocabulary - emeritus

emeritus - retired college professor holding a honorary title

GRE Vocabulary - plebe

plebe - first year student at military academy, freshman

GRE Vocabulary - sabbatical

sabbatical - leave with pay granted once in seven years to university professor

sabbatical - break or change from a normal routine

GRE Vocabulary - conservatory

conservatory - greenhouse

conservatory - school specializing in fine arts

GRE Vocabulary - tenured

tenured - permanently employed professor

tenured - holding tenure,

tenure - right of holding a term, grasp, hold, period during which something is held

GRE Vocabulary - alumna alumnae alumnus alumni

alumna - female graduate of a institution

alumnae - plural of alumna

alumnus - male graduate of a institution

alumni - collective term for all graduates of a institution

GRE Vocabulary - provost

provost - high ranking university official, senior administrator at a university

provost - keeper of prison,

GRE Vocabulary - divinity

divinity college - providing training for ministerial candidates, priests

GRE Vocabulary - colloquium

colloquium - academic meeting at which specialists speak and answers questions on designate topic

Friday, May 23, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - arboretum

arboretum - horticultural garden for educational and scientific purposes

GRE Vocabulary - pertinacious

pertinacious - obstinately stubborn, unyielding, persistent

GRE Vocabulary - scruples scrupulous

scruples - principles

scruples - mental reservation, qualms, hesitation

scrupulous - painstakingly thorough, meticulous, upright, careful

scrupulous - having moral integrity

GRE Vocabulary - naivete

naivete - state of being naive, naive remark or action

GRE Vocabulary - malinger goldbrick

malinger - person who shrinks from work, pretend or exaggerate illness to avoid duty or work

goldbrick(n) - useless brick which appears to be of gold, thing that appears valuable but is worthless, malinger, worthless resource

goldbrick(v) - to shrink duty, swindle

goldbricking - cyberslacking

GRE Vocabulary - kowtowing

kowtowing - showing obsequious deference, fawning,

kowtow - to kneel and touch forehead to the ground

GRE Vocabulary - lucent

lucent - resplendent, lustrous, glowing with light, incandescent

GRE Vocabulary - torpid

torpid - having lost motion or the power of exertion, numb, dormant, lacking energy, apathetic, dull, hibernating

GRE Vocabulary - ornery cantankerous

ornery - having irritable disposition, cantankerous, difficult to deal with, mean spirited, irritable, irascible

GRE Vocabulary - ingenue

ingenue - naive girl, young innocent woman

GRE Vocabulary - gyp

gyp(v) - to cheat, swindle,

gyp(n) - cheat, swindler, fraud

GRE Vocabulary - logorrhea logomania

logorrhea, logomania - pathological excessive, incoherent talking, abnormal talktativeness

Thursday, May 22, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - didactyl

didactyl - animal having only two nails, fingers, claws or digits

GRE Vocabulary - dicephalus bicephalus

dicephalus - bicephalus - having two heads

polycephaly - condition of having more than one head

GRE Vocabulary - reprisal

reprisal - recapture, regaining, retaliation

GRE Vocabulary - pyrite

pyrite - common mineral of yellow brass color, fools gold

GRE Vocabulary - antisemite

antisemite - against semitic race, jews

GRE Vocabulary - environ

environ - encircle, surround

GRE Vocabulary - deportee

deportee - person who is banished, sent away, banished

GRE Vocabulary - slinky

slinky - characterized by slinking, stealthily quiet, deliberately slow and secret to escape observation

slinky - slithering like a snake

GRE Vocabulary - smarty

smarty - quick witted person, smart aleck, inclined to be tricky

GRE Vocabulary - exigent

exigent - urgent, demanding, requiring immediate attention

GRE Vocabulary - arcane

arcane - secret, mysterious, obscure

GRE Vocabulary - tergiversation

tergiversation - equivocation, evasion of straightforward response

tergiversation - desertion of a cause

GRE Vocabulary - momentary momentous

momentary - fleeting, transitory

momentous - significant, consequential

GRE Vocabulary - spawn

spawn - to generate, reproduce, procreate

GRE Vocabulary - eclectic

eclectic - selecting the best from a variety of sources, heterogenous

GRE Vocabulary - moonshine

moonshine - empty talk, nonsense

moonshine - illegal intoxicating homemade liquor

GRE Vocabulary - harlequin

harlequin - buffoon, character in pantomime with shaved head, masked face, variegated tights and wooden sword

harlequin - variegated pattern on a textile

harlequin - patches on a solid background of contrasting color

GRE Vocabulary - masquerade

masquerade - costume party in which masks are worn

masquerade - disguise, false outward show, charade

GRE Vocabulary - espy descry

espy descry - catch sight of, find out, discover, detect

GRE Vocabulary - tardy

tardy - late, delaying beyond expected time, slow, sluggish

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - bashful

bashful - shy, diffident, self conscious

GRE Vocabulary - monody threnody

monody - dirge performed by one person, poem in which one person laments another's death

threnody - poem of mourning or lamentation

GRE Vocabulary - jeremiad

jeremiad - prolonged lamentation or complaint

jeremiad - long complaint, censure or denunciation

GRE Vocabulary - seemly

seemly - decorous, attractive

GRE Vocabulary - overlook

overlook - inspect, supervise

overlook - ignore, excuse, look past

GRE Vocabulary - pettifogger shyster

pettifogger - shyster, lawyer using questionable methods

pettifogger - unscrupulous professional

pettifogger - a person quibbling over trifles

GRE Vocabulary - mordacious

mordacious - biting, cutting, caustic

GRE Vocabulary - stouthearted

stouthearted - courageous, stubborn

GRE Vocabulary - pluck

pluck - courage, dogged resolution

GRE Vocabulary - rarefied

rarefied - esoteric

GRE Vocabulary - attenuate

attenuate(v) - weaken, reduce in intensity, virulence, or vitality, rarefy

attenuate(adj) - reduced in thickness, density or force, tapering to a long slender point

GRE Vocabulary - silver-tongued

silver-tongued - eloquent speaker, fluently persuasive and forceful

GRE Vocabulary - articulation articulated

articulation - joint between fixed or moving parts eg., shoulder

GRE Vocabulary - throng

throng(n) - multitude of persons, crowd, increased pressure or tight packing

throng(v) - to crowd into (pack), to crowd upon (press)

GRE Vocabulary - bloviate

bloviate - to speak in a pompous manner, speak or write verbosely and windily

GRE Vocabulary - vapid

vapid - flat, dull, lacking liveliness

GRE Vocabulary - prosy

prosy - matter of fact, dull, boring, commonplace

GRE Vocabulary - shopworn

shopworn - faded, soiled, worn out from excessive use

GRE Vocabulary - musty fusty

musty - moldy, damp, malodorous, trite, antiquated, worn out, rusty, fusty

fusty - musty, old fashioned and reactionary, antiquated, stale

GRE Vocabulary - spartan

spartan - person of great self discipline, courageous, laconic

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - plucky

plucky - courageous, spirited, brave

GRE Vocabulary - ardor ardour fervidity zealousness

ardor ardour fervidness fervidity fervency - intensity, zeal, excitement, passion

GRE Vocabulary - arbitrate arbiter

arbitrate - act as a judge, decide, give verdict in a dispute, act as arbiter

arbiter - person with authority to decide, judge

GRE Vocabulary - commix

commix - mingle, blend

GRE Vocabulary - apotheosis

apotheosis(n) - elevation to divine status, deification

apotheosis(n) - perfect example, quintessence

GRE Vocabulary - ennoble

ennoble - to make noble, elevate

GRE Vocabulary - aesthete

aesthete - someone who is extremely sensitive to beauty, especially in art

GRE Vocabulary - crevasse

crevasse - deep fissure, chasm

GRE Vocabulary - letup

letup - slackening of effort, diminish, become less severe, temporary pause

GRE Vocabulary - decamp

decamp - abscond, flee, depart secretly or suddenly

decamp - leave a camp,

GRE Vocabulary - lout curtsy curtsey

lout(n) - awkward, stupid brutish person, oaf, boor,

lout(v) - to treat as a lout, scorn

lout(v) - to bow, bend or stoop, submit, yield, to curtsy

curtsy - curtsey - act of courtesy, respectful greeting, reverence made by women consisting of slight lowering of body and bending of knees

GRE Vocabulary - corporal corporeal

corporeal - pertaining to physical body, corporal

corporal - material, tangible, substantial

GRE Vocabulary - cannon cannonade canon

cannon(n) - heavy gun mounted on a carriage

cannonade - cannon(v) - bombardment, heavy artillery fire

canon - rule, principle, criteria, law

GRE Vocabulary - errant arrant

errant - wandering, traveling about, itinerant, aimless wanderer

errant - roving, especially in search of adventure

errant - fallible, straying outside the proper path, behaving wrongly


arrant - complete, thorough, without qualification, extreme, notorious

GRE Vocabulary - sortie

sortie - sudden attack from a defensive position surrounded by the army

sortie - foray, raid, excursion, expedition

sortie - sudden attack by a single plane

GRE Vocabulary - sententious

sententious - aphoristic, terse, moralistic

GRE Vocabulary - sally

sally - to rush forth suddenly, outburst

sally - to assault from a defensive position, sortie

sally - witty or imaginative saying, quip,

sally - jaunt, venture, trip or excursion off the beaten track

GRE Vocabulary - benighted

benighted - overtaken by darkness

benighted - existing in intellectual, moral or social darkness, unenlightened

GRE Vocabulary - phantasm

phantasm - figment of imagination, fantasy, delusion, illusion

phantasm - mental representation of a real object

GRE Vocabulary - contretemps

contretemps - inopportune, embarrassing occurrence; awkward clash

contretemps - unforeseen occurrence that disrupts the normal course of things

GRE Vocabulary - substantive

substantive - real , totally independent entity

substantive - substantial, considerable in number

substantive - creating or defining rights and duties

GRE Vocabulary - zephyr

zephyr - something that is airy, insubstantial, or passing

zephyr - gentle breeze from the west

zephyr - any soft light fabric, yarn or garment

GRE Vocabulary - wean

wean - to accustom to something from an early age

wean - to detach from source of dependence

wean - to accustom a young one to take food otherwise than by nursing

Monday, May 19, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - trope

trope - use of word in figurative sense

Sunday, May 18, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - pusillanimous

pusillanimous - lacking courage, coward

GRE Vocabulary - reliquary

reliquary - container or shrine in which sacred relics are kept and preserved

GRE Vocabulary - aphasia

aphasia - inability or difficulty to comprehend written or spoken words due to brain injury

GRE Vocabulary - mandible

mandible - lower jawbone

GRE Vocabulary - nonplussed

nonplussed - perplexed, shocked, bewildered, unable to think

GRE Vocabulary - eleemosynary

eleemosynary - related to or supported by charity

GRE Vocabulary - suigeneris

suigeneris - unique, peculiar, one of its kind, constituting a classg

GRE Vocabulary - privateer

privateer - marine vehicle privately owned and crewed, but authorized by government in times of marine war

privateer - commander of such a ship or crew

GRE Vocabulary - surveyor

surveyor - superintendent, supervisor, overseer, inspector

surveyor - land measurer/ surveyor

GRE Vocabulary - cistern

cistern - reservoir to store liquids

GRE Vocabulary - mimetic

mimetic - imitative, copying, related to mimicry

mimetic - resembling or relation of one thing to another

GRE Vocabulary - sisyphean

sisyphean - endlessly futile labor

GRE Vocabulary - pablum pabulum

pablum = pabulum - something that is simplistic, insipid or bland; worthless over simplistic ideas

pablum - food or suspension of nutrients suitable for quick absorption

GRE Vocabulary - hortative

hortative - exhortative, advisory, giving strong encouragement

GRE Vocabulary - ideate

ideate - form an idea of , conceive, imagine

GRE Vocabulary - forfend forefend

forefend - ward off, prevent, protect, preserve

GRE Vocabulary - exegesis

exegesis - critical examination, critique and explanation, exposition

exposition - explanation, putting forth the meaning, public exhibition

GRE Vocabulary - docent

docent - teacher or lecturer at university who is not regular faculty member

docent - lecturer or tour guide at a museum or cathedral

GRE Vocabulary - hermeneutics

hermeneutics - method of understanding, study of interpretation of ecclesiastic/religious text or literature

GRE Vocabulary - ontogeny

ontogeny - development of organism from conception to adulthood

GRE Vocabulary - etiology

etiology - area of knowledge dealing with causes and origins (as in diseases); study of causation

GRE Vocabulary - etiolated

etiolated - become bleached, pale, or whitened; having lost natural coloration; deprived of natural vitality

GRE Vocabulary - spleen spite

spleen - spite - feeling of anger or ill will

GRE Vocabulary - callipygian

callipygian - having beautifully proportioned buttocks

GRE Vocabulary - infallibility

infallibility - inerrability

GRE Vocabulary - inanition

inanition - empty, exhausted condition, lack of vitality

GRE Vocabulary - archaize

archaize - give a archaic quality to , use archaisms

GRE Vocabulary - weal

weal - sound, healthy, prosperous state; well being,

weal - welt, raised ridge of flesh as a mark of beating

GRE Vocabulary - yearling

yearling - animal (racehorse) between 1 and 2 years of age

GRE Vocabulary - votive

votive - dedicated by a vow

votive - expressing a wish, desire or vow

GRE Vocabulary - synod

synod - ecclesiastical governing or advisory council

GRE Vocabulary - vassal

vassal - a bondman, slave, subordinate or dependent

vassal - feudal tenant, person under the protection of feudal lord to whom he has vowed homage and fealty

GRE Vocabulary - undersell

undersell - to sell articles cheaper than

undersell - to present with little or insufficient enthusiasm

GRE Vocabulary - specie

specie - coin, currency,

specie - of the same form or kind
Plural - species

Saturday, May 17, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - witling

witling - person with little or no understanding, a would be wit, person with little wit, one who aspires to be witty

GRE Vocabulary - stupor

stupor - dullness, lethargy, daze, torpor

GRE Vocabulary - technography

technography - study of arts and crafts with respect to their ethnic distribution and historic development

GRE Vocabulary - subjacent

subjacent - located beneath, underlying

subjacent - located at a lower level, but not directly beneath

GRE Vocabulary - pantheism

pantheism - doctrine of belief and toleration of worship of all Gods

pantheism - doctrine that equates God with the forces and phenomenon of nature and universe

GRE Vocabulary - underwrite

underwrite - to agree, give consent, subscribe or agree to

underwrite - to assume financial liability in insurance policy

underwrite - to guarantee financial support, sponsor, subsidize, insure

GRE Vocabulary - tempter

tempter - one who allures, seduces or charms

GRE Vocabulary - physiocracy

physiocracy - government based on the doctrine of supremacy of natural laws and power of nature, doctrine that land and its products are the only true wealth

GRE Vocabulary - sterling

sterling - having a fixed standard of purity, of the highest quality, genuine

Friday, May 16, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - ostentate

ostentate - to display proudly, display in ostentatious manner, pretentiously

GRE Vocabulary - angular angulate

angular - sharp cornered, lean, gaunt, having prominent bone structure, stiff in manner

angulate(adj) - having angles, angular

angulate(v) - make or become angular

angulation - making of angles or sharp bends, measurement of angles,

angulation - angles between bones at joints

GRE Vocabulary - stripling

stripling - adolescent youth, juvenile between the onset of puberty and maturity

GRE Vocabulary - poetaster

poetaster - inferior poet

GRE Vocabulary - raptorial predaceous

raptorial - predaceous - adapted to seizing of prey

GRE Vocabulary - subacid

subacid - somewhat acrimonious, slightly sour/sharp or acidic

GRE Vocabulary - refringency refractivity refringent

refringency - refractivity - refringent - having the power to refract/ bend light ray at an angle as it passes from one medium to other

Thursday, May 15, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - triumvir

triumvir - one men of the ruling body of three

GRE Vocabulary - stagy

stagy - theatrical, marked by pretense or artificiality

GRE Vocabulary - sequacious

sequacious - subservient, tractable, intellectually servile

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - piteous

piteous - arousing pity or compassion, miserly, pathetic

GRE Vocabulary - soprano

soprano - highest singing voice

GRE Vocabulary - philander

philander - to have illegal extramarital affair with a woman or many women, to womenize

GRE Vocabulary - superadd

superadd - to add, in a way that compounds the effect, to augment by an extra amountt

GRE Vocabulary - spinous

spinous - resembling spines, spiny, having spines or thorns,

spinous - difficult or unpleasant to handle, full with difficulties and obstacles

GRE Vocabulary - sapid

sapid - having flavor, pleasing to the mind

GRE Vocabulary - valedictorian

valedictorian - student having highest rank who delivers the valedictory address

valediction - pertaining to farewell

GRE Vocabulary - sophistry sophism

sophistry - subtly deceptive reasoning

sophism - argument apparently correct but actually invalid

GRE Vocabulary - undercharge

undercharge - to charge too little to a person

undercharge - to load a firearm with insufficient charge

GRE Vocabulary - thoroughbred

thoroughbred - purebred, bred from the best in breed, thoroughly trained, skilled or educated

GRE Vocabulary - undeceive

undeceive - free from deception, illusion or error, correct a wrong impression/understanding

GRE Vocabulary - soothsayer

soothsayer - person who claims to be prognosticator

GRE Vocabulary - delude

delude - deceive, cheat

GRE Vocabulary - megalith

megalith - very large ancient stones used as a monument or a building block alone or with other stones utilizing a interlocking mechanism without the use of mortar or cement

GRE Vocabulary - fluster

fluster - make nervous, confuse, upset, make tipsy, discompose

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - dock

dock - to curtail, to abridge, to cut short, subject to a deduction, to penalize by depriving of a ordinary benefit

GRE Vocabulary - subtrahend minuend

minuend − subtrahend = difference

subtrahend - that which is to be subtracted

minuend - number from which subtrahend is to be subtracted

GRE Vocabulary - treasonable

treasonable - marked by treason, betrayal, treachery

GRE Vocabulary - underhanded

underhanded - carried out slyly or secretly

underhanded - not honest or aboveboard, marked by chicanery or deception

GRE Vocabulary - sylph

sylph - slender, graceful woman

GRE Vocabulary - septennial

septennial - occurring every seven years, lasting for seven years

Monday, May 12, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - privity

privity - joint knowledge of a private matter

privity - relationship arising out of mutual interest

GRE Vocabulary - sonorous

sonorous - producing full, deep or rich sound, resonant

GRE Vocabulary - theorize, theorist

theorize - propose a theory, form a theory, speculate

theorist - one who theorizes, speculator

GRE Vocabulary - weft

weft - filling thread or yarn used in weaving which is drawn under and over parallel warp threads

warp - series of lengthwise yarns through which weft is woven

GRE Vocabulary - upholstery

upholstery - fabric or material used to provide soft covering to certain furniture pieces

GRE Vocabulary - tapestry

tapestry - heavy fabric with complicated designs woven into it used for vertical ornamental hangings or upholstery for covering furniture

tapestry - something which resembles rich and complicated design

GRE Vocabulary - sedulous

sedulous - diligent, hardworking, persevering

GRE Vocabulary - overweening

overweening - arrogant, excessive, immoderate, exaggerated, overbearing, presumptuous, unrestrained

Sunday, May 11, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - solicitude

solicitude - state of being concerned or anxious

GRE Vocabulary - tearjerker

tearjerker - strong performance that moves or is intended to move the audience to tears, grossly sentimental drama, play or performance

GRE Vocabulary - bamboozle

bamboozle - deceive, confuse, frustrate, fool or cheat

GRE Vocabulary - curveball

curveball - something totally unexpected, designed to trick or deceive

GRE Vocabulary - bricolage

bricolage - construction or creation using whatever is available at hand

Etymology - bricolage - fiddle, tinker, do it yourself

GRE Vocabulary - legerity

legerity - alert quickness of mind or body, agility, alacrity

GRE Vocabulary - quidnunc

quidnunc - nosy person, who wants to know all gossip

quidnunc - busybody

GRE Vocabulary - novice

novice - person admitted under probationary membership to a religious community, religious student

novice - tyro, beginner

GRE Vocabulary - equinox

equinox - either of the two times in the year (March 21 and Sep 23) when sun crosses the equator and days and nights appear approximately equal on all points of earth

GRE Vocabulary - overtone

overtone - ulterior implicit meaning or quality

overtone - non integer multiple of the root frequency

GRE Vocabulary - penurious penury

penurious - extremely frugal

penurious - suffering from penury

penury - extreme frugality or severe poverty

GRE Vocabulary - seance

seance - session or meeting of the spiritualists to communicate with the spirits

GRE Vocabulary - saponaceous

saponaceous - having the qualities of soap

GRE Vocabulary - rapine

rapine - seize, rob, pillage, plunder

GRE Vocabulary - salacious

salacious - lascivious, lecherous, lewd, having strong sexual desires

GRE Vocabulary - pharmacopoeia

pharmacopoeia - authoritative book describing drugs and their preparation

pharmacopoeia - collection or stock of drugs

GRE Vocabulary - recognizance

recognizance - legal obligation requiring performance of an act or penalty of money forfeiture, the sum of money pledged for the performance of such a act, token, pledge

recognizance - recognition

GRE Vocabulary - rhapsody

rhapsody - enthusiastic expression, rapture, ecstasy

GRE Vocabulary - sidelong

sidelong - directed to one side, lying on one side, indirect, not straightforward, sideways, oblique

GRE Vocabulary - overlord

overlord - absolute or supreme lord, one with great authority or power

GRE Vocabulary - pectoral

pectoral - related to chest, breast or thorax, pertaining to region between head and abdomen

GRE Vocabulary - satyr

satyr - lecherous man, lascivious person, lewd, lustful

GRE Vocabulary - regent

regent - person who governs in the absence of a sovereign ruler

GRE Vocabulary - sibilate sibilant

sibilate - hiss, produce a s sound

sibilant - resembling s or sh sound

GRE Vocabulary - rebut refute

rebut - repel, oppose by argument

refute - expose the falsity of, prove wrong, inaccurate by argument or evidence

GRE Vocabulary - piccolo

piccolo - small flute, smaller than ordinary size

GRE Vocabulary - recrudescence recrudescent

recrudescence - renewal, becoming raw or sore again

recrudescent - breaking out again, renewing

GRE Vocabulary - sextuple

sextuple - having six units or members, being a multiple of six

GRE Vocabulary - ruth

ruth - compassion for the misery of another, sorrow for ones own fault, remorse

GRE Vocabulary - prate

prate - talk long and idly, chatter, babble, talk vainly or foolishly

GRE Vocabulary - overstride

overstride - to stride over, across or beyond, bestride

Saturday, May 10, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - prospector

prospector - one who explores, inspects a area for mineral deposits or for oil

GRE Vocabulary - reprehend

reprehend - voice disapproval of, censure, blame, criticize, find fault with

GRE Vocabulary - polycracy polyarchy

polycracy - rule of many

polyarchy - government of many persons of whichever class they may be, group of many kingdoms

GRE Vocabulary - posse

posse - large group with a common interest, entourage, people deputed to search for a lost child

Etymology - posse - power

GRE Vocabulary - psychopathic

psychopathic - antisocial personality,

GRE Vocabulary - physiography

physiography - physical geography, physical description of the earths surface,

GRE Vocabulary - parricide

parricide - killing of a parent

GRE Vocabulary - ripplet

ripplet - small ripple, little wave

GRE Vocabulary - prepossession

prepossession - prejudice, preoccupation, predilection, prior possession

GRE Vocabulary - reconnoiter reconnaissance

reconnoiter - reconnaissance - a preliminary survey to gain information; exploratory military survey of enemy territory