Sunday, August 31, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - perihelion

perihelion - point in orbit nearest to the sun

Sunday, August 24, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - fusspot

fusspot - worrywart, fussbudget, person who thinks about unfortunate things, one who fusses over trifles

GRE Vocabulary - garotte scrag

garotte - method/apparatus for execution by strangulation using a iron collar

garotte - scrag, choke, murder

GRE Vocabulary - amylaceous

amylaceous - starchy

GRE Vocabulary - phaeton

phaeton - light, four wheeled, open carriage horse drawn vehicle with folding top used for tour; touring car; tourer

GRE Vocabulary - regatta

regatta - boat race, series of boat races

GRE Vocabulary - lilting

lilting - rhythmic swing or cadence in speech or walk,

lilting - livery, cheerful, rhythmic singing

GRE Vocabulary - guttle raven

guttle - put into gut, eat or drink greedily or noisily, gorge, gormandize

raven - consume greedily, devour

raven - shiny, black bird that cries in the night

GRE Vocabulary - articled

articled - bound by articles set in a contract, indentured

GRE Vocabulary - keel

keel - chief longitudinal structural member that often projects at the bottom of the ship, aircraft or a birds breastbone

keel - to lean precariously while walking, fall or faint over, lurch, careen, swag

GRE Vocabulary - bounderish bounder

bounder - cad, person of objectionable social behavior, person lacking in refinement and grace

GRE Vocabulary - metricate metricize

metricate - metricize - to indicate everything in metric system, convert, change from other system to metric system

GRE Vocabulary - bedazzle

bedazzle - confuse by bright light, dazzle

bedazzle - impress irresistibly, enchant

GRE Vocabulary - pagination

pagination - page layout of printed page including page numbers, margins, tabs header, footers and number of columns

GRE Vocabulary - androgynous

androgynous - hermaphrodite - bisexual - having characteristics of both male and female

GRE Vocabulary - cuspate

cuspate - shaped like a cusp, having a end that tapers to a point

GRE Vocabulary - muckrake

muckrake - search for and publicly expose the misconduct of prominent individuals and businesses

GRE Vocabulary - mantled

mantled - covered with mantle, cloak, covering

Saturday, August 23, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - sixpenny

sixpenny - sixpence - of little worth, trifling

GRE Vocabulary - luxate

luxate - to displace, dislocate, splay, slip

GRE Vocabulary - kerfuffle

kerfuffle - disorderly outburst, disturbance, fuss

GRE Vocabulary - telegenic

telegenic - well suited, attractive to television audiences

GRE Vocabulary - piddle

piddle - to urinate,

piddle - to diddle, to dawdle, to squander, spend time aimlessly

GRE Vocabulary - mismated

mismated - unsuitable matched

GRE Vocabulary - habitue

habitue - regular patron, devotee

GRE Vocabulary - enate agnate

enate - related on the mothers side

enate - growing outward

agnate - related on the fathers side

GRE Vocabulary - paladin

paladin - trusted military ruler, champion for a cause, hero

Sunday, August 17, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - nubby

nubby - having a rough, knotted, lumped surface

GRE Vocabulary - redemption

redemption - redeeming, repurchase, get or win back, repair, restore, free from captivity, release something pawned for debt or mortgage, salvation, expiation

GRE Vocabulary - detritus

detritus - debris, fragments, loose material, odds and ends

GRE Vocabulary - irruption

irruption - explosive bursting or rushing in

irruption - sudden upsurge in population numbers due to ecological imbalance

GRE Vocabulary - moment

moment - brief period of time

moment - importance, outstanding significance

GRE Vocabulary - blather

blather - nonsense, foolish, incoherent, voluble, inconsequential talk or writing

GRE Vocabulary - swivet

swivet - state of extreme distress and agitation

GRE Vocabulary - collegial

collegial - collegiate, equal sharing of authority and camaraderie among colleagues

GRE Vocabulary - shanghai

shanghai - abduct, compel by force, drugs, trickery or fraud

GRE Vocabulary - babel

babel - scene of loud, confused, disagreeable noises, sounds and languages

GRE Vocabulary - diuretic renal

diuretic - substance that stimulates kidneys to increase excretion of urine

renal - pertaining to (region of) kidneys

GRE Vocabulary - lore

lore - traditional knowledge gained through experience

lore - space between eye and bill of a bird

GRE Vocabulary - shank

shank - part of leg between knee and ankle
shank - leg, stem, shin, long straight part of nail or screw
shank - part of an object by which it can be attached

shank - to hit a ball so that it goes in unintended direction

GRE Vocabulary - gnash

gnash - to grind or bite the teeth together

GRE Vocabulary - eke

eke - to supplement by great effort, to extend or make it last by great economy

GRE Vocabulary - finagle

finagle - obtain by indirect, devious, dishonest, shady means

Friday, August 15, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - blotto

blotto - intoxicated, drunk

Saturday, August 9, 2008

GRE Vocabulary - oligarchy

oligarchy - government by few

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

GRE Sentence Completion

It comes as no surprise that societies have codes of behavior; the character of the codes, on the other hand, can often be----.
(A) predictable
(B) unexpected
(C) admirable
(D) explicit
(E) confusing

Ans : (B) unexpected

GRE Vocabulary - scourge

scourge(n) - a whip or a lash

scourge(n) - means of suffering, vengeance or punishment, cause of widespread disease, suffering or affliction

scourge(v) - to chastise, excoriate, flog or whip

GRE Sentence Completion

Queen Elizabeth I has quite correctly been called a ----of the arts, because many young artists received her patronage.
(A) connoisseur
(B) critic
(C) friend
(D) scourge
(E) judge

Ans : (C) friend

GRE Sentence Completion

When theories formerly considered to be----in their scientific objectivity are found instead to reflect a consistent observational and evaluative bias, then the presumed neutrality of science gives way to the recognition that categories of knowledge are human----.
(A) disinterested.. constructions
(B) callous.. errors
(C) verifiable.. prejudices
(D) convincing.. imperatives
(E) unassailable.. fantasies

Ans : (A) disinterested.. constructions

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

GRE Sentence Completion

In failing to see that the justice's pronouncement merely----previous decisions rather than actually establishing a precedent, the novice law clerk----the scope of the justice's judgment.
(A) synthesized.. limited
(B) overturned.. misunderstood
(C) endorsed.. nullified
(D) qualified.. overemphasized
(E) recapitulated.. defined

Ans : (D) qualified.. overemphasized